Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How People Change

It's amazing how much a person can change over the years. As we grow up meet our husbands and wives, have children and really become adults. Gosh 15 years ago I figured it would never happen. I was going to be in school forever wishing I was an adult forever. Or at least it seemed that way then.

My best friend from Middle School moved back to the area after many many years of being away. Thanks to myspace we had tracked each other down about 6 years or so ago and had been talking on the phone. We had been through pregnancy, new babies and such together over the phone.

Its amazing to me how different someone can be over the phone vs. in person. So she moves back to the greater Seattle area. I a bit worried how things might go and I couldn't have been more right to be worried.

Long story short.... She spent less than 7 months living here. There was no changing her, helping her or making her become the adult she needs to be to be able to raise her child.

Over the months she was here it gave me a new respect for the life long friends I do have and my amazing friends I have made as an adult. You all are the best and I love you so much. Thanks for making life wonderful and fun, filled with endless laughs, some tears and wonderful memories.

Until Next Time,
Just call me MOM

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hiatus No More!

A ton has happened in the last 404 days since I last posted. So much so I should almost change my blog title....

Homeschooling is a thing of the past. Both of my big kids are full time students at our neighborhood school and loving every moment of it. Chloe has given up binkies well hers at least but she does from time to time hide to suck on her little brothers.

Christmas Eve of 2010 we found out that we were expecting baby #4. Michael Loren was born the day after his big brothers birthday on July 10, 2011 weighting in at 4lbs 7oz and 17 inches long. Mikey was a huge surprise who decided to keep us on our toes when he decided to make his grand entrance into the world 2 months on the day before his due date. After 21 long days in the NICU learning how to eat on his own. He made his way to our crazy home that has been none stop craziness from the moment he was carried through the door.

The craziness couldnt be any more fun than it is. Its a joy and such a blessing to have 4 amazingly wonderful children to call our own. From giggles and grins, endless laundry, zero sleep and a house that always seems to look like a tornado just hit it. The last 404 days have been WONDERFUL!

I miss recording my crazy life's moments here at BBnB so I think its safe to say... That I'm back!!!

Until Next Time,
Just call me Mom