Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's Safe to Say

That it's possible that I have stopped blogging.

I guess I will add this to my list of things to do in the new year.

As for the reasons I do not blog anymore. Time seems to be the main reason. The other reason the moment I try to sit down to blog. My 4 year old always gets into something. Just now she opened a can of soda that she must have first dropped or shaken because now I have soda all over my floor.

This year has been crazy....

Everyone is a year older including myself and I am having a hard time with the idea that I am almost 30. We have moved way to many times but I am happy to say that it wont be happening again for a very very long time.

If there is anyone out there who still swings by from time to time to see if I have posted anything.

I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Until Next Time,
Just Mom

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Still in Boxes

( and to think we made 2 other runs on top of this one)
We are moved...

Still in boxes...

and it seems that the boxes never end.

I'm still floored that we took a 3500sf house full of stuff packed it into a 10 x 30 storage unit.

Now we have moved our things from a 10 x 30 storage unit and are trying to put all of our crap into 1200sf of a small, non storage having apartment.

I never thought in a million years that after Scott, Avery and I moved out of our first apartment. That we would ever end back up in an apartment.

While everyone is adjusting nicely for the most part anyway. I cant help but miss the space, the yard, and most of all STORAGE.

I have no idea where in the world to put our towels, extra sheets, toys, toys and more toys. I am continuing to get rid of TONS of stuff and when I say TONS I mean tons. The only thing I'm having the most trouble tossing is baby items...

1.) I have this fear that if I give it away, sell or toss it. That it will only be a matter of time before I end up with another wee one.

2.) If that does happen I don't think Mr. Montana has any idea of the cost to buy everything that would be needed.

3.) I have this little idea that if I hand onto all the girls baby clothes that I might end up getting really lucky and end up with a BOY since I would be ready for a girl, and I would be forced to buy all new things anyway.

4.) If that happens then I will toss every last item of baby girl clothes... wait not every item cause there are a few things I don't think that I could part with.

Okay so I know what your thinking...

I know my ideas aren't really sane ones, but Scott and I have been going back and forth for months about adding one more wee one to the mix. Not that I wouldn't be happy with 3 girls and a 1 boy. It sure would be nice for Aves to have a brother. So maybe if I'm lucky my idea of keeping everything because of the cost of having to buy new. Will end up in a " I told ya so". Will be the first words out of Mr. Montana's mouth if we end up with a boy.

Well I should go unpack something its the least I can do.

Until Next Time,


Sunday, May 16, 2010

I would rather give BIRTH than...

Get another tattoo on my foot.

I'm 110% serious! Thank GOD it's was a small tattoo and it only took about 20 minutes, but MAN it hurt like crazy.

I am thankful I had a good friend with me to share the joys of tattoohood on our poor left feet.

At the same time it's kinda like childbirth. You forget the pain after a while and enjoy the newness and love you feel once it's over. But unlike childbirth this is something that I will NEVER EVER do again.

Dear Foot,

Sorry I left you naked for so long. I hope you enjoy your new flowers that will be with you forever!!!

The Girl Who Walks Upon This Very Foot
( in TONS of pain bare foot because of the pain shoes cause )

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Soft Place to Land

A Soft Place to Land
By Susan Rebecca White

Before I say anything more. There has only been a small handful of books that I have read that I would be willing to tell someone they MUST read it. Before yesterday I would have told you all to pick up a copy of "She's Come Undone" By Wally Lamb....


Today I'm telling you to run out and pick up a copy of A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White.

So this past Friday while walking ( more like running ) through Target with my little Bother and my kiddo's trying to keep up with them young people. I told myself that I would going to refrain from buying a book today. I have way more than normal on my plate things that I should be doing, but haven't yet gotten to it. OH THE STORY OF MY LIFE RIGHT?

While speeding past all the books I noticed this amazing cover on this book. Thinking that if the book was anything like the cover than it would be worth reading. I'm a sucker for cute book covers. Anyway while standing in line at Target to pay for the book I promised myself I wouldn't buy and some arts and craft stuff for the kids. I thought well I might as well read the back to see what I will be spending 11 dollars on.

After reading thinking that at the very most it will keep my mind busy over the next few days while laying in the sun...

Well it did I couldn't put it down. I finished it yesterday heartbroken that there isn't a follow up or something to it. I'm dying to see where the two sisters are now. To the point it's driving me crazy. IT'S JUST a BOOK and IT'S NOT like Ruthie and Julia are really out there. Even though the book ended on a great and sweet note without giving anything away. BECAUSE YOU NEED TO READ IT YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DO. I long for more...

So go out get a COPY PEOPLE. Cause your going to love it. And if there are anyone out there still that hasn't read "She's Come Undone" By Wally Lamb GO GET THAT TOO!!

You Will Thank Me Later! PROMISE

Until Next Time,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunny with a Chance of Sunburn

Less than 10 years ago I could spend my days sitting in the sun sipping ice tea reading the latest issue of Seventeen, listing to (gasp) the backstreet boys without a care in the world.

What I mean by without a care in the world is Sunscreen...

For all the wrong reasons. I didn't want the SPF 30 to get in the way of that perfect golden brown tan that my children now are able to reach in 2.2 seconds of being outside. For all of you freaking out thinking that I send my children out without sunblock. Don't worry because trust me I need to slather my sweet albino like children with SPF 200 with an extra side of SPF 50. Or their golden brown will never be met and I would be forced to deal with "MOM my arms are hot, it burns and I think I'm going to die." I learned my lesson with that ONCE never to be repeated again.

Truth be told it took a few times to learn that lesson. My sweet baby Bella only a few weeks at the time was sitting in her swing sleeping away in the shade at grandmas house. Little did I know that at some point the sun had moved and well half of my sweet diaper wearing Bella was swinging in the sun. I didn't notice until it was too late. She had a perfect line down her little body one side red while the other still albino.

The other lesson was learned I think last summer, but maybe the summer before to always put sunblock on the part in her hair. DID YOU KNOW THAT IT BURNS THERE TOO? I sure didn't, but I do now.

Okay back to my story...

Yesterday while watching my father build a fence and my children playing in the sand I had time to do a bit of reading and get a little sun myself. I should have known better, but it's only May and I thought to myself I'm not going to burn. I couldn't have been more wrong yet again... My arm today is a big pink thank GOD it doesn't hurt. I cant help, but be left scratching my head wondering what happened to my perfect NON burning olive skin?

While Camping last summer I fried myself so bad that I was thankful the nights were cold and while playing on the beach during the day the cold breeze was enough to cool my lobster colored body.

I'm just going to blame my children for this. Pre motherhood I would bake all day in the sun without the thought of aloe being needed by the end of the night. Now I make sure to keep a Costco size bottle in the fridge waiting for me. Because at the end of the day I'm too lazy to take less than 5 minutes to slather my body with sunblock.

Well I'm off to do it yet again. My big kids are busy playing in the yard and riding bikes the baby is sleeping with hubby. It's time to read in the sun and bake a bit more!

And to think that the amount of time I spent writing this post I could have been digging out the sunblock. Oh well it makes more sense to write about it. In my world anyway!

Until Next Time,
Burning MaMa

Some Kind of Hell

This past month has been a bit hellish if I don't say so myself. If hell is anything like what we have been dealing with then point me in the direction of the closest church.

Rewind a few weeks....

We lose our home. A place we were planning on buying and spending the rest of our life in. We had a few months left until we were able to obtain a loan to buy it from the builder.

I got into a bit of a finder binder. I wasn't paying close attention to the cars in front of me and rear ended some guy in this big pick up truck. Thankfully all the damage was done to my car and he only needs a new hitch!

No rentals to be found in our price range. And the ones we did like were gone before we even got a chance to see them.

We were being sued by the people who now own the home we are living in. For some crazy reason they believed the builder that we weren't paying and that's why he couldn't make his payments. Funny how we were able to show proof of every payment and got them off our back and made the builder look like a total butt.

Scott gets a speeding ticket less than one block away from home. Not only did he get a ticket, but he was in his work truck with our son in the car. Note to all if the sign posted says 35 go 35 not almost 20 over.

Still no rental going to plan B. Looking for storage, renting a Uhall and finding family to bunk with.

With less than 3 days left in our home. My mother really not wanting us to stay with her in her 500sf apartment. Not that I blame her cause that's a whole lot of people in one small space. My aunt wanting us to move in with her, but once again a whole lot of people plus animals and not much more space than at moms.

The heavens open up and my dad calls!! The first good thing to happen all month.
So on Thursday April 29th we made the plan to stay with my dad, stepmom and little brother until we were able to find a place.

While we struggled to figure out what all would be needed at dads while we packed up the last boxes to move wondering if there was anything that we missed. We said goodbye to our home in Orting and set out for our new adventure moving in with my parents for the first and what I hope to be the last time since moving out almost 10 years ago.

So far so good though no complaints besides waiting for the bathroom in the mornings. Making runs out to the garage bathroom in the cold. We have a mom's apartment size room to live in. The kids can play outside all day have nerf wars with my 16 year old brother and best of all we can still do school work! There is even room for all their school books.

So the month of hell has ended until the new hell starts again. Moving our crap that is packed to the gills inside a 10x30 storage unit to our new home. Whenever that might end up being.

Until Next Time,
Country Living MAMA

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Just when you think things couldn't get any worse....


God give me strength to get through the next 4 days, cause I really really really really need it.

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why We Homeschool

If someone would have asked me 8 years ago if I was planning on homschooling my children. I would have told them they were out of their minds.

While I was pregnant with Avery I would joke about homeschooling my child. For the simple fact I couldn't even bear the idea of one day my sweet baby who I hadn't even met yet would be leaving me.

That was 8 years ago...

Today and 3 kids later things have changed.

I started toying with the idea shortly after Chloe was released from the Hospital after her first almost 2 week long stay for RSV.

Both Avery and Bella were in preschool and were always sick and now my baby who is already fighting for her life. Didn't need to worry about getting the germs the big kids were bringing home.

When Chloe was 3 weeks old. We were informed that even a simple cold could cause serious complications.

At that time our biggest fear was open heart surgery on a newborn. I had no idea that our stuffy noses could cause heart failure. In turn if meds couldn't help counter act her heart failing that would lead to a heart transplant.

After a very sickly first year, along with weekly weigh ins and monthly meetings with Chloe's AMAZING Heart Doctor... Dr. Stamm.

Our minds were made up...

We were told that if we could make it to year 2 without any major heart problems Chloe's VSD ( Ventricular Septal Defect )would require repair at age 2.

Avery would be mid way through his school year. With that in the back of our minds we didn't want to worry about who would be around and able to take him to school if I was at home caring for a baby who just had open heart surgery.

Knowing that if I were home with Chloe caring for her there was no reason why I wouldn't be able to teach my son.

Then started the quest for the perfect homeshool curriculum. Sonlight was one of the first I found and after looking at what seems like thousands, but more like a hundred different ones. We went with Sonlight!

We are almost 2 full years into Homeschool and I couldn't be any more happy with the choice that our family has made. I get to spend my days with my children watching and helping them learn and grow.

After 2 very long years of prayer Miss Chloe walked into Dr. Stamm's office and was given a clean bill of health. While her heart defects remain they have gotten smaller. She doesn't have to go back to see him until she is 4. While the worry is gone for the most part, the memory still remains of what could have happened.

With all that being said I want to THANK YOU all for everything! The prayers over the years and the positive encouragement during our journey of life and parenthood and everything in between. We couldn't have done it without you!

Hugs and Loves,

Clearing up Confusion

Dear Family and Friends,

Good Morning and Welcome to Blankets Bears and Binkies!

I'm sure a few of you are here for the first time due to my mass email that was sent out telling you to click on this link and read what I have written about homeschool and our family.

It was made known a few weeks ago that most of you feel as though you are out of the loop. I Taylor and Mr. Montana ( Scott ) have decided that Homeschooling is what is best for our family. No this doesn't mean we will be doing it forever nor does it mean that we wont. I take everyday day by day followed by taking it year by year.

For you wonderful blog followers that I have. If there are any of you out there. Bear with me while I walk you all family, friends, and blog junkies through a day in the life at our house.

Before I get to that I would like to say that please weather you are family, friends or bloggers if you ever and I mean EVER have a question about what we do before jumping to all sorts of crazy out of this world conclusions PLEASE just ask me.

Welcome to a day at A.I.C Academy!

A typical day here starts at 7am. Avery, Bella and Chloe are given 2 hours before we start our school day. This two hours is for waking up, eating breakfast, morning chores and getting ready for the day. At 8:45 they are given their 15 minute call until school starts. At this point teeth are brushed and hair is combed. All of this should and will be done by 9am.

Monday - Thursday School Day

9am - Morning Prayer lead by either Avery or Bella. Chloe followers their prayer with one of her own. We bless our school day each and everyday.

9:05am - Calendar

9:10am - Bible
Thanks to Sonlight my children are reading one of the most amazing books I have ever owned. Leading little ones to God. At the end of the lesson we are given a bible verse to look up and read that corresponds with the lesson.

9:45 am - Memory Verse
Over the course of 6 weeks Avery and Bella are learning Psalms 1: 1-6
at the end of the 6 weeks they get to pick and help cook that night. After dinner both of the kiddo's get to recite what they have learned.

10 am - Copywork (handwriting)

10:30am - Reading ( Avery reads to us ) and Phonics

11am - Spelling ( Spelling Tests are on Thursday, if there are any missed words they write them each 4 times and then I retest them on those words on Friday )

11:15 am - Math
Avery is working on Horizons 3rd grade and Bella is working on Horizons K
(Math Tests are given every 10 lessons for Avery)

Noon - Lunch time
During lunch I read aloud to the kids while they eat. At the moment we are reading Charlotts Web.

After the kids are done with Lunch Avery has free time until 1 while I get the Chloe down for a nap.

1pm - History

1:45pm - Creative writing

2pm - Local News - Avery and Bella get to pick a story from the local news they want to tell us about. Then they write a small paper and either draw a picture or we will print a picture from that story. The last thing they wrote and told us about was the Volcano in Ice Land. It's been an on going story they have been working on for the last few weeks.

2:30pm - Clean up from our school day. If there is any unfinished school work that hasn't been finished from the day ie. Copywork, handwriting or reading this is when it is done.

Our School day is always done by 3pm. If we have had a good school day, no tears, fighting to get work finished and things like that. They tend to go out to play or the Wii can be played for a while.

Friday School Day

Before Noon the day is the same

1pm - Science

2pm - Art

We have found that saving Science and Art for Fridays works best.

A.I.C Academy is in session year round. This allows for us to take days off here and there or for times when we have family in town and they get to take a week off to visit!

Both Avery and Bella are testing at grade level and above in many subjects. At times when they have struggled with something it has been addressed and taken care of. I feel they are blessed for this reason. Where they struggle they are given more one on one time to help overcome the struggle. Where they excel they are able to work at higher grade level. All of this wouldn't be possible if they were in either public or private school.

Both Scott and Myself have taken the required classes and courses to be able to homeschool our children in the state of Washington.

Scott and I feel very lucky to be able to home teach our children. Along with that we are very thankful to have found such a WONDERFUL curriculum to use. If it wasn't for Sonlight I'm not sure where we would be or what our children would be doing.

I consider myself lucky and thank God each and everyday for giving me the strength to teach my children at home. He has given our family so much in the last years and continues to show us that we have made the right choice for our family.

For this season in my life I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mama. Do I know what next year will bring? I don't, but I do know that God will let us know what he wants us to do!

I will continue to do weekly blog updates on our homeschooling journey. This way NON of you will be left in the dark and left to question what and how we do things around here.

As always I'm an email or phone call away to answer any questions you might have about OUR choice to homeschool OUR children.

Please feel free to check out the Sonlight curriculum we use at http://www.sonlight.com/
Also you can check out Washington Homeschool Organization at http://washhomeschool.org
and read over the Washington homeschool laws at http://washhomschool.org/homeschooling/law.html

I hope this blog finds everyone happy, healthy and well.

Hugs, loves, Blessings and Best Wishes!
Scott, Taylor, Avery, Bella, and Chloe

PS. All questions can be sent to either my main email or at AIC.Academy@yahoo.com

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dont Blame Me

I voted for the other guy...

Sitting here just thinking about how our world is changing before my very eyes is heartbreaking.
I'm not so much worried for myself, but more so worried about the future of our world for my children.

I have spent the last few days away from my computer, TV and radio. For the simple fact that I just cant bear the idea of what is happening.

Yesterday ( Monday ) I had to make a phone call to our family Doctor to check in with them after Miss Chloe's ER visit last Tuesday ( that's a whole different story ). Our poor doctor was running around like a chicken with his head cut off worried about the future of his practice.

Once that phone call was over I myself was headed over to see my Doctor for my yearly 2 years late. I know how bad am I? Anyway I'm at high risk for breast cancer I figured that yesterday I was going to be planning on making an appointment for my first mammogram.

To my surprise...

Guess what that is no longer an option for me until I am 50.

Funny thing that my grandmother was diagnosed long before she turned 50. So I guess that I'm just a sitting duck waiting until I'm 50 like a ticking time bomb for breast cancer. To top it off if I happen to come across a lump before I turn 50. I will have to see not only my normal doc, but then she will send me to another doc to check out the same thing followed by one more doc and they all have to have decide that a mammogram is the best thing for me before I can get one.


Second thing that worries me just a bit. I have a small child who was born with 3 congenital heart defects who is one of the lucky one who gets to have one of the worlds best heart doctors in our back yard willing and wanting to see us anytime we even have a question about her heart.

She has 9 months to go before she needs to be seen by him again.

I have been told that if I want her checked out by him one last time I need to get on it. Because we will end up loosing him as our doctor too.


So I'm going to spend the next I don't know how long running around getting everyone seen by the doctors we love and trust before our health care becomes a total mess.

The other thing both Scott and I are thinking about is baby #4.

We have always talked about one more, but the other thing we really want is that my obgyn be the one who all my children. So it turns out that we might be embarking on a new chapter in our lives sooner than later of becoming a family of 6. Lets just hope that we will only be a family of six, but I will need to come to terms with the fact that my body doesn't want to allow me to have babies on my own anymore. So we will be entering a new chapter in our lives.

With the meds that I will need to start to be able to have another child could possibly lead to twins. And the odds double for me because well twins run in my family.

On a funny note Mr. Montana and I spent the day talking about what happens if we mix our babies up and ways to make sure it doesn't happen. For whatever reason he loves the idea of twins, but he isn't one to get up in the middle of the night nor is he the one who would have to share his body with them for 9 months nor does he have to give birth to them either.

Well that's my rant for today...

Until Next Time,