Friday, November 27, 2009

Foto Finish Friday

Wedding of the Year!

This is my 3 year old Chloe' with her Husband Andre' who is also 3.
This picture was taken 6 days after our wedding on a trip to get pizza.
With our wedding still fresh in their little minds.
Both Andre' and Chloe' went on to tell me about their wedding, Children and What their lives together was going to be like.
They are going to have a small wedding with just family. Sounds nice right?
Well with just family it would be anything, but small.
So you have an idea...
Andre' (Chloe's Husband ) is my nephew. His mother is my best friend of 15 years. I think of her children as my own. My best friend is like the sister I never had.
Now that I have pointed that out.
Really any close friends are family to both of us. So more than likely YOU ( yes you )
are going to be invited to this small, just family wedding. I'm sure you will fall into the category of aunt, uncle, brother, sister, mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, or really any other family name you can think of.
Okay moving on to set the tone of the wedding.
Andre' will be wearing his suit. The one he still has yet to take off from my wedding. Chloe' will be wearing her wedding dress from the wedding. I wonder if they have figured out that a size 2T isn't going to fit in 20 years?
There will be tons of flowers put together by Grandma Faith, Uncle Mike and Uncle Darren.
Grandma Faith is family by blood. Uncle Mike and Uncle Darren are her best friends.
Do you have any idea how BIG this SMALL wedding is going to be?
They are going to be married by Andre's Daddy. Both Andra and I have yet to be given a job at this point. I'm guessing they will just ask for our credit cards. Candid Carrie and all the Foto Finish Friday Fans will be reporting on the Wedding of the Year.
Bookmark it, Stick this in your fave cause your going to need it. You know in 20 years!
Now that we have a billion and one of our closest family members at the wedding. Andre' and Chloe' will now freak out everyone who is there because Andre' just knows that both Chloe' and He will have matching GUNS.
Needless to say he was a bit excited about the new gun he had just picked up from the fair. And like every other 3 year old in the world. You must include your favorite toys in your wedding!
Your invited to the wedding of the year in 2030
Details coming soon!
Until Next Time,
Just the Mother of the Bride

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who is Ready?

To risk your life to save some money this holiday season?

Here I sit on Thanksgiving EVE thinking about how many people out there are going to be taking a nap, or maybe just going to bed early. To wake up in time to stand in line to take advantage of those great black Friday sales?

Last year a few people died either by being stomped to death or being shot by a crazed black Friday shopper.

For me it's simple I'll wait like I always do and shop just days before Christmas. For one because I'm just not that organized for two that's how I like to roll. For the most part I'm easy going and I don't get all worked up over little things. I mean I have had my moments, but it's fun to watch people in their crazy Christmas freak outs. I almost live for it...

By the time we are done standing in lines at Toys R Us, Target and where ever else we ended up needing to shop that day. I promise myself every year that I will NEVER EVER wait until the last minute.

As always here I am again not even really thinking about what Santa will be bringing. For me it's simple the kids tell me what they want and I try to make it happen. If I cant find everything they want whatever ends up being under the tree always seems to make them happy. Well all but one year all Avery wanted was a crane truck. I spent MONTHS searching for one and it turns out that not a single store had them, people weren't making them. That was 3 years ago and NOW that he no longer is into cars and trucks they are all over the place.


So whats your plan for Black Friday? Our family spends the Friday after Thanksgiving cutting down our Christmas Tree and decorating for Santa.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



In the spirit of the Holidays
with the thought of where most of us spend our time this time of year.


The other place
In the Kitchen!
And what does one need while cooking in the kitchen?
I'll wait why you think.

An Apron!

style and colors may vary

Made by yours truly!
Now if you are anything like me you already have an apron that you love and cant stand not having on while cooking.

So it isn't for you!
It's for a special little one in your life!

So here's the way it's going to work.
With the ending of Jon & Kate plus 8
I have a little idea...
To enter you need to leave a comment.
Then return to your blog and write an entry about....
The day in the life of your own reality show!
You need to name your show
and please in great fun detail write about a single day with you staring in your own show!
What would you be doing?
What fun would you be having?
Anything CRAZY that would be going on...
Somewhere in your post you must mention my blog and somehow tie me into your reality show. Remember to post my blog link as well.
If you don't happen to have a blog no worries. Email it to me.
One last thing Don't FORGET to become a follower!
The best entry WINS. Not only will I be reading them all, but I will have my mother help me choose the best.

Start Date is TODAY November 24th and the contest will end Tuesday December 1st at Midnight. The winner will be announced by Friday December 4th.

So what are you waiting for!


Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Where Did They Get That From?

I have been a bit surprised by the words that have been coming out of my children's mouths as of late. I mean all children have cute sweet things to say all the time. Then you are thrown a curve ball.

A few weeks ago...
Mr. Montana gets home from the store.
Bella decided to go into the kitchen to see what goodies we didn't need, but he got anyway.

"What in the Hell were you doing at the store Dad"

I'm laughing to the point of not even being able to say anything to this wonderful comment.
I get the death look from Scott who is busy trying to pick his jaw up from the ground.

"First Bella I went to the store to pick up a few things, Second we do not say Hell "

I'm still laughing uncontrollably and still getting the look of death from Scott who informs me that my laughing doesn't help when he is trying to tell our 5 year old that Hell isn't a word we say.

"Okay Dad, but what in the HELL where you doing at the store"

I was forced to get up and walk away laughing so hard I knew a trip to the ladies room was in order.

So I have a now 3 year old who has been a bit late with talking we have been trying really hard to get her to say new words.

Spoon would be a "poon"
Fork sounds like the F BOMB
and then the newest we have been working on is her last name.
Once again it sounds just like the F BOMB with an ER on the end.

My Sweet Baby boy who at 7 knows for the most part right from wrong and things he should say, and the things he really shouldn't say.
While frustrated with Chloe for pulling apart his fort he worked so hard on. Really I'm the one who put it together, but for some reason he feels like he did it all himself.

"Dammit MOM Chloe pulled my fort apart"
followed by
"I mean, MOM Chloe pulled apart my damn fort"
then corrected before I had a chance to say anything
"MOM can you please come fix my fort Chloe took it down again"

I have longed for the day my son was able to read. For a long time I never and I mean NEVER thought that day would come. I questioned us homeschooling thinking I had screwed him up FOREVER. Anyway my baby boy is reading like a crazy man... Well as long as he can sound it out.

I was on the phone the other day with a friend who's son we had to stop spelling around a LONG time ago. I felt I was safe to spell because her son couldn't hear me. RIGHT... WRONG so WRONG.

"I'm going to sell the new puppy. He S-H-I-T in the house again"

Avery was sitting next to me watching a movie, but yet he must have been listening to everything I was saying.

" SH made the SSHH sound, IT spells it "

I tell my friend to hang on and listen for a second as this point I just know my spelling days are over.


Great so not only does my son know a curse word he can now spell one too.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Monday, November 23, 2009

I have a Confession ( Give Away info inside )

While I have spent months away from blogging. Something that I still hold so close to my heart.
I was always a myspace girl, I couldn't even think about checking out facebook. I'm not sure why or what the real reason was. Until one day someone told me about the facebook applications.

So I did what every other normal person would do. I was forced to check them out, I couldn't handle not knowing what I was missing.

I signed up and it was down hill from there.

I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night to harvest crops on my farm. Run to the computer moments before I knew my food was about to spoil just to be able to serve food to my fellow cafe world people. So I could make more coins and expand my cafe. But the true problem really is Farm Town. I cant STOP... I buy land, I plant crops , I hire people to harvest the crops.

Why you ask?

To make more coins to buy more land and pant more crops.

So here today I'm saying it for the first time.

I Taylor am a Farmaholic.

I know I know... I need help. If any of you out there know of a place I can get the help that is needed please please I need to know.

Now if I could only figure out how to keep real plants alive maybe one day I could think about having a real farm. A place to plant real crops, a place to hire real people to harvest for me.

Wishful thinking I know.

Moving onto something a bit more fun.

I will be giving something away. I'm open to idea's as to what, but I have a good idea how I will be picking the special winner.

Come back Saturday to find out what will be given away and to find out how YOU can be the winner!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Thinking about a Give Away

Since I was MIA for some time. I'm about 99.9% sure I lost most if not all of my readers that aren't family.

So I'm thinking about doing a give away to get things going again.

What do you think?
Any ideas of a good give away?

So if there are any of you left out there that would like to see something FUN and WONDERFUL given away please leave me a comment!

Until Next Time,


I'm going to play a little game I like to call seriously.
So you walk into a smoke shop and you try to buy a "tobacco pipe". When the clerk asks you for ID. You pull out your High School ASB card? Then wonder why she wont sell it to you.
Seriously you don't look a day over 15 and if you were really old enough you would have known that your ASB card wasn't going to work.
Your in the super market along with your young children. I'm guessing this is your big shopping day. Since you were there FOREVER.
Your youngest child is screaming at the top of her lungs and having the biggest temper tantrum I have ever seen a child have. You continue Shopping and your child continues freaking out.
How on earth did I end up in line next to you? Seriously couldn't you have just left and came back in the store once the fit was over?
Listening to your child isn't the way I wanted to spend my Friday night at the store.
While hunting down a dress for my maid of honor to wear to the wedding. Our first stop was with only with 4 out of 6 children. We weren't being helped then once we found something and told them we were going to be right back after we picked up the other two kiddo's from school.
We got a look of death, followed by "OH GREAT, and your going to have ALL the children when you come back"
And you seriously wonder why we decided to shop else where?
Jon and Kate series finally is on tonight. Who seriously cares to listen to them carry on about where life has taken them and listen to then talk so poorly about each other?
Seriously it should have ended a LONG time ago.
Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Friday, November 20, 2009

Done, Check and Almost There

Wedding is done and over with!
Thank goodness cause it was starting to make me crazy.
I'm a planner and when planning was out of my hands in placed in the loving hands of someone else. I thought about taking up drinking.

Now that we are at the End of November we have a good bit of school work for the year under our belts. While my children have no idea that in "Real School" kids get to take days and weeks at a time off for Holidays and other countless things. That is something we will not be doing... NO I'm not going to force my children to get their school work done on Thanksgiving or make them finishes all their Math before they can open whatever Santa decides to bring them for Christmas.
Even though we do our school work almost daily. I'm still searching for a better system than we are using now. I feel like every morning I run around like a Chicken with it's head cut off. Getting everyone set up for morning School work. Then just as I get them set up turn around to get things together for the next lesson they are done before I have even had a chance to take a sip of my coffee.

Oh how I envy in Duggars for having a smooth rolling homeschooling experience. Maybe by the time Avery is 10 or so we will have a good system in place.

"Hair Pulling"

If I could only get everyone moving today. That includes myself...
Our List of things to do today:
School Work
Shop for Chloe's 3rd Birthday Party
Clean some more
Get ready for Chloe's Party
School Work
More Laundry
School Work
Shower's for everyone
Make Dinner
Eat Lunch as some point
Buy Ear plugs ( My kids are far to loud today )
Give the pups a bath

and really the list could go on forever.

So this weekend I need to get together a list for Thanksgiving and we are hosting like we do every year.
Get the house ready or at least ready enough so I don't want to die when I have a house full of people tomorrow.

I wish I could just hire a team of people to do all of this for me!
If that were only possible.

Don't even get me started on Christmas. Every year I promise myself I will be done with all my shopping by the end of October. Well it's the end of November and I haven't even thought about it yet.

"More Hair Pulling"

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Foto Finish Friday!

Dancing to I Do is the only way to go.
Who wants to be serious?
This is what happens when you get a group of people together & mix with beer, wine, and hard liquor!
I think this picture speaks for it self

I think my Husband is one happy guy that this day is NOW over.

I'm Back!
Giving you my word I'll be blogging daily!

Don't forget to visit Candid Carrie for other great Foto Finsh Friday participants!
Until Next Time
Just MOM