Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Kids + Music = This

Friday, May 23, 2008

WOW its been 8 days!

I cant believe that its been 8 long days since I posted a blog.

Over this past weekend we moved my mother. Yes that includes the kids too!

Avery helped by driving in the truck and helping with the "heavy" stuff.
Bella spent the day telling my mother where things would look good in her new place.
Along with asking grandma if she was going to take her bugs (flies) with her.
Chloe spent the day connected to one of those kid leaches that look like a backpack running around like a crazy person and picking up anything she could find on the floor.

Then while we were unloading the truck. The girls were inside playing at grandma's new place with change and matches! I guess what happens at grandma's should stay at grandma's.

Nothing like hearing while packing in loads of stuff "Chloe don't put the matches in your mouth!"
Just what every mother wants to hear.

Sunday was dicks burgers and loads of laundry. My Bella who doesn't eat meat ate a burger maybe she wasn't feeling well.

Monday was Scott's first day at his new job. The kids and I sat at home not knowing what to do after he had been home with us for 3 weeks.
Bella also decided she wanted to "practice being someone else " while sporting a red smiley face sticker between her eyes.

Tuesday was view day at Ballet. It's always so much fun to watch a 3 year old dance it really is such a fun age. One of the best ages, but aren't they all fun? Bella was the demo girl for what make up they all need to wear and how to apply it for the big show in June.

In Avery's words " She looks like a Monster"

Note to self... Remember this when trying to make my little girl look sweet the day of her recital.
Apply more make up than anyone should ever wear.

After Ballet we went to play with the Hocketts. 1.) my kids need to get out more often 2.) Think of a way to make sure they don't move 3.) Remember to make sure they know how much they mean to us all when they do leave. 4.) Do this within the 27 days that they are here. 5.) Try to talk Scott into moving to Virgina 6.) Start saving for a Vacation to Virgina when he tells me we can't move.

Right before bed Avery lost his second tooth!

Wednesday we removed the ugly nonsense molding in the middle of the wall. Knowing under that the wall is red so now it looking like I decided to paint a red stripe in the middle of the wall. Only a few days until the whole wall is painted yellow! Oh and the tooth fairy came.

Yesterday we didn't do too much.

That brings me to today! Its a little after 11am the kids are up playing Chloe just got up from her morning nap. I need to do laundry and pick up the playroom. Everyone is still in Pj's and I'm sure it will remain that way all day! I'm sure I will clean something at some point today.

At some point last week I cant even remember what day. The binkie fairy who is the sister of the tooth fairy made a visit to our house. I am happy to say that Bella no longer has any binkies and is doing GREAT!

Here are a bunch of photos from the week and pictures of that darn wall I was talking about.

Until Next Time,
Just Mom

Thursday, May 15, 2008

What do you say when? Continued...

The last What do you say when? Had such a huge response I couldn't help but make another one. I have a feeling there will be many many more!

On our way home from our Mother’s day Bike ride. The big kids were in the back seat fighting as usual. The normal “she’s looking at me” “He touched me” stuff.
Well Miss Bella had enough with whatever Avery was doing. When she said “ Brother go back to your country”

What do you say to that?

Monday the kids were watching Sesame Street. Avery runs over to the Television yelling “Bella its that boy, its that boy”
Bella comes tearing into the room and they are both so happy that “the boy” is on the TV.

I glance over wondering what they are talking about. A little boy with Down Syndrome is having his birthday party.

We have had this conversation before. Why me? Why my kids? Someone please help me!

I guess Homeschooling is a good idea after all. At this rate my kids are never going to be able to leave the house again.

Until Next Time,
Just Mom

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What do you say when?

Have you ever had a day where you wanted to crawl in a hole and die because of something your child said or did?

On our normal trip to Seattle this past Tuesday we ate our normal food court lunch after ballet then headed down to the play area.

The kids had been playing for a while friends who they see there every Tuesday had left, but we were trying to kill some time before we met my mother for dinner.

All parents and children took note of two kids that came into play. At this point my son had found a new kid to play with. I was watching how the two were playing and how they were treating the little kids.

Not even five minutes later my son stands up on one of the tallest play structures and yells at the top of his lungs and pointing "look its a midget baby"

I had no idea what to even say. I thought the kids and I had gone over all of this. We watch little people big world all the time. Why is it that any time my kids are around children who we don't know my children learn all sorts of great things.

Thank god Scott was there who talked to Avery then later he was still feeling bad for what he said. My aunt talked with him as well.

But then.....

While at dinner with my mother at our local Red Robin. While a family of little people were getting seated at the table behind us.

My son oh so very happy because he knew what to say.

Stands up

Points yet again

"Look MOM Little People!"

Tell me what does one say when this happens?

Oh the things our sweet babies say.

Until next time,
Just Mom

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today Continued

After an hour of us trying to come up with a dinner plan the answer ended up being Pizza. Thank goodness that Bella my tree hugger vegan who is only 3 doesn’t know that Pizza has cheese on it.
As I sit here listening to Scott and the kids reading books. I cant help but think about everything that I did today and the things I haven’t had a chance to get to. I have at least 5 loads of laundry still to do, by tomorrow there will be at least one more than that. My kitchen tends to never really be clean. We have lived here going on 2.5 months and I still haven’t hung a single picture. The kids room’s are still waiting to be painted so there isn’t a thing on their walls. Two birthday parties to be planned and for whatever reason I have decided to have them here. Oh what was I thinking….
Parties at home not only do you have to clean up after the party you have to make sure every inch of your home is clean before the party. And if you know me you know my idea of cleaning and how much I love it.
I’m thinking its time to move into a nice 700sf apartment. I think I could manage to keep it clean. This whole big house living is so hard there are too many rooms to keep clean. Plus I have too many children to pick up after.
(note to self check on child labor laws in the US)
Big kids are now in bed. My show is about to start I have loads of laundry to fold a baby to nurse to sleep and to top it off my britta filter needs to be changed.
Maybe its time to hire a maid and a wet nurse….. If I am unable to find that someone anyone point me in the direction of where to find someone to take care of all this laundry!
Until Tomorrow,
Just Mom

Feeding My Army

Why is it that a meal in this house is such a chore?
I eat just about anything.
As for my kids and husband they are all so very picky.

Avery wont eat anything green. Bella wont eat anything that has anything to do with or has ever been near an animal. Chloe wont touch her food unless it is cut up into small Chloe bite sized pieces or it just ends up on the floor. As for Scott don’t even get me started on that one…

Here it is nearing dinnertime and I have no idea what to cook. I could make pasta dish yet again with a meat free sauce. Up until a few months ago I was able to hide things in my sauce until my soon to be 4 year old figured that she would give me a hand in the kitchen. She now knows that Mommy puts ground beef in her sauce.


I can put on the hat of a short order cook and try to please everyone’s taste buds for the second time today.

Today’s Lunch:
Avery: Noodles with Butter
Bella: Pancakes with peanut butter and sugar free syrup and Banana’s on the side
Chloe: A little bite of everything

This is what dinner would look like…

Scott: Meat and potatoes
Avery: Meat but hold the veggies “ My tummy hurts”
Bella: “I’ll just have water”
Chloe: Takes one bite of whatever we place on her plate then sends it flying to the floor.

It’s 4:30 and still no idea’s for dinner.
Do you think they would notice if I didn’t make dinner tonight?