Thursday, May 15, 2008

What do you say when? Continued...

The last What do you say when? Had such a huge response I couldn't help but make another one. I have a feeling there will be many many more!

On our way home from our Mother’s day Bike ride. The big kids were in the back seat fighting as usual. The normal “she’s looking at me” “He touched me” stuff.
Well Miss Bella had enough with whatever Avery was doing. When she said “ Brother go back to your country”

What do you say to that?

Monday the kids were watching Sesame Street. Avery runs over to the Television yelling “Bella its that boy, its that boy”
Bella comes tearing into the room and they are both so happy that “the boy” is on the TV.

I glance over wondering what they are talking about. A little boy with Down Syndrome is having his birthday party.

We have had this conversation before. Why me? Why my kids? Someone please help me!

I guess Homeschooling is a good idea after all. At this rate my kids are never going to be able to leave the house again.

Until Next Time,
Just Mom

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