Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feeding My Army

Why is it that a meal in this house is such a chore?
I eat just about anything.
As for my kids and husband they are all so very picky.

Avery wont eat anything green. Bella wont eat anything that has anything to do with or has ever been near an animal. Chloe wont touch her food unless it is cut up into small Chloe bite sized pieces or it just ends up on the floor. As for Scott don’t even get me started on that one…

Here it is nearing dinnertime and I have no idea what to cook. I could make pasta dish yet again with a meat free sauce. Up until a few months ago I was able to hide things in my sauce until my soon to be 4 year old figured that she would give me a hand in the kitchen. She now knows that Mommy puts ground beef in her sauce.


I can put on the hat of a short order cook and try to please everyone’s taste buds for the second time today.

Today’s Lunch:
Avery: Noodles with Butter
Bella: Pancakes with peanut butter and sugar free syrup and Banana’s on the side
Chloe: A little bite of everything

This is what dinner would look like…

Scott: Meat and potatoes
Avery: Meat but hold the veggies “ My tummy hurts”
Bella: “I’ll just have water”
Chloe: Takes one bite of whatever we place on her plate then sends it flying to the floor.

It’s 4:30 and still no idea’s for dinner.
Do you think they would notice if I didn’t make dinner tonight?

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