Sunday, May 16, 2010

I would rather give BIRTH than...

Get another tattoo on my foot.

I'm 110% serious! Thank GOD it's was a small tattoo and it only took about 20 minutes, but MAN it hurt like crazy.

I am thankful I had a good friend with me to share the joys of tattoohood on our poor left feet.

At the same time it's kinda like childbirth. You forget the pain after a while and enjoy the newness and love you feel once it's over. But unlike childbirth this is something that I will NEVER EVER do again.

Dear Foot,

Sorry I left you naked for so long. I hope you enjoy your new flowers that will be with you forever!!!

The Girl Who Walks Upon This Very Foot
( in TONS of pain bare foot because of the pain shoes cause )

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Soft Place to Land

A Soft Place to Land
By Susan Rebecca White

Before I say anything more. There has only been a small handful of books that I have read that I would be willing to tell someone they MUST read it. Before yesterday I would have told you all to pick up a copy of "She's Come Undone" By Wally Lamb....


Today I'm telling you to run out and pick up a copy of A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White.

So this past Friday while walking ( more like running ) through Target with my little Bother and my kiddo's trying to keep up with them young people. I told myself that I would going to refrain from buying a book today. I have way more than normal on my plate things that I should be doing, but haven't yet gotten to it. OH THE STORY OF MY LIFE RIGHT?

While speeding past all the books I noticed this amazing cover on this book. Thinking that if the book was anything like the cover than it would be worth reading. I'm a sucker for cute book covers. Anyway while standing in line at Target to pay for the book I promised myself I wouldn't buy and some arts and craft stuff for the kids. I thought well I might as well read the back to see what I will be spending 11 dollars on.

After reading thinking that at the very most it will keep my mind busy over the next few days while laying in the sun...

Well it did I couldn't put it down. I finished it yesterday heartbroken that there isn't a follow up or something to it. I'm dying to see where the two sisters are now. To the point it's driving me crazy. IT'S JUST a BOOK and IT'S NOT like Ruthie and Julia are really out there. Even though the book ended on a great and sweet note without giving anything away. BECAUSE YOU NEED TO READ IT YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DO. I long for more...

So go out get a COPY PEOPLE. Cause your going to love it. And if there are anyone out there still that hasn't read "She's Come Undone" By Wally Lamb GO GET THAT TOO!!

You Will Thank Me Later! PROMISE

Until Next Time,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunny with a Chance of Sunburn

Less than 10 years ago I could spend my days sitting in the sun sipping ice tea reading the latest issue of Seventeen, listing to (gasp) the backstreet boys without a care in the world.

What I mean by without a care in the world is Sunscreen...

For all the wrong reasons. I didn't want the SPF 30 to get in the way of that perfect golden brown tan that my children now are able to reach in 2.2 seconds of being outside. For all of you freaking out thinking that I send my children out without sunblock. Don't worry because trust me I need to slather my sweet albino like children with SPF 200 with an extra side of SPF 50. Or their golden brown will never be met and I would be forced to deal with "MOM my arms are hot, it burns and I think I'm going to die." I learned my lesson with that ONCE never to be repeated again.

Truth be told it took a few times to learn that lesson. My sweet baby Bella only a few weeks at the time was sitting in her swing sleeping away in the shade at grandmas house. Little did I know that at some point the sun had moved and well half of my sweet diaper wearing Bella was swinging in the sun. I didn't notice until it was too late. She had a perfect line down her little body one side red while the other still albino.

The other lesson was learned I think last summer, but maybe the summer before to always put sunblock on the part in her hair. DID YOU KNOW THAT IT BURNS THERE TOO? I sure didn't, but I do now.

Okay back to my story...

Yesterday while watching my father build a fence and my children playing in the sand I had time to do a bit of reading and get a little sun myself. I should have known better, but it's only May and I thought to myself I'm not going to burn. I couldn't have been more wrong yet again... My arm today is a big pink thank GOD it doesn't hurt. I cant help, but be left scratching my head wondering what happened to my perfect NON burning olive skin?

While Camping last summer I fried myself so bad that I was thankful the nights were cold and while playing on the beach during the day the cold breeze was enough to cool my lobster colored body.

I'm just going to blame my children for this. Pre motherhood I would bake all day in the sun without the thought of aloe being needed by the end of the night. Now I make sure to keep a Costco size bottle in the fridge waiting for me. Because at the end of the day I'm too lazy to take less than 5 minutes to slather my body with sunblock.

Well I'm off to do it yet again. My big kids are busy playing in the yard and riding bikes the baby is sleeping with hubby. It's time to read in the sun and bake a bit more!

And to think that the amount of time I spent writing this post I could have been digging out the sunblock. Oh well it makes more sense to write about it. In my world anyway!

Until Next Time,
Burning MaMa

Some Kind of Hell

This past month has been a bit hellish if I don't say so myself. If hell is anything like what we have been dealing with then point me in the direction of the closest church.

Rewind a few weeks....

We lose our home. A place we were planning on buying and spending the rest of our life in. We had a few months left until we were able to obtain a loan to buy it from the builder.

I got into a bit of a finder binder. I wasn't paying close attention to the cars in front of me and rear ended some guy in this big pick up truck. Thankfully all the damage was done to my car and he only needs a new hitch!

No rentals to be found in our price range. And the ones we did like were gone before we even got a chance to see them.

We were being sued by the people who now own the home we are living in. For some crazy reason they believed the builder that we weren't paying and that's why he couldn't make his payments. Funny how we were able to show proof of every payment and got them off our back and made the builder look like a total butt.

Scott gets a speeding ticket less than one block away from home. Not only did he get a ticket, but he was in his work truck with our son in the car. Note to all if the sign posted says 35 go 35 not almost 20 over.

Still no rental going to plan B. Looking for storage, renting a Uhall and finding family to bunk with.

With less than 3 days left in our home. My mother really not wanting us to stay with her in her 500sf apartment. Not that I blame her cause that's a whole lot of people in one small space. My aunt wanting us to move in with her, but once again a whole lot of people plus animals and not much more space than at moms.

The heavens open up and my dad calls!! The first good thing to happen all month.
So on Thursday April 29th we made the plan to stay with my dad, stepmom and little brother until we were able to find a place.

While we struggled to figure out what all would be needed at dads while we packed up the last boxes to move wondering if there was anything that we missed. We said goodbye to our home in Orting and set out for our new adventure moving in with my parents for the first and what I hope to be the last time since moving out almost 10 years ago.

So far so good though no complaints besides waiting for the bathroom in the mornings. Making runs out to the garage bathroom in the cold. We have a mom's apartment size room to live in. The kids can play outside all day have nerf wars with my 16 year old brother and best of all we can still do school work! There is even room for all their school books.

So the month of hell has ended until the new hell starts again. Moving our crap that is packed to the gills inside a 10x30 storage unit to our new home. Whenever that might end up being.

Until Next Time,
Country Living MAMA