Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Soft Place to Land

A Soft Place to Land
By Susan Rebecca White

Before I say anything more. There has only been a small handful of books that I have read that I would be willing to tell someone they MUST read it. Before yesterday I would have told you all to pick up a copy of "She's Come Undone" By Wally Lamb....


Today I'm telling you to run out and pick up a copy of A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White.

So this past Friday while walking ( more like running ) through Target with my little Bother and my kiddo's trying to keep up with them young people. I told myself that I would going to refrain from buying a book today. I have way more than normal on my plate things that I should be doing, but haven't yet gotten to it. OH THE STORY OF MY LIFE RIGHT?

While speeding past all the books I noticed this amazing cover on this book. Thinking that if the book was anything like the cover than it would be worth reading. I'm a sucker for cute book covers. Anyway while standing in line at Target to pay for the book I promised myself I wouldn't buy and some arts and craft stuff for the kids. I thought well I might as well read the back to see what I will be spending 11 dollars on.

After reading thinking that at the very most it will keep my mind busy over the next few days while laying in the sun...

Well it did I couldn't put it down. I finished it yesterday heartbroken that there isn't a follow up or something to it. I'm dying to see where the two sisters are now. To the point it's driving me crazy. IT'S JUST a BOOK and IT'S NOT like Ruthie and Julia are really out there. Even though the book ended on a great and sweet note without giving anything away. BECAUSE YOU NEED TO READ IT YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DO. I long for more...

So go out get a COPY PEOPLE. Cause your going to love it. And if there are anyone out there still that hasn't read "She's Come Undone" By Wally Lamb GO GET THAT TOO!!

You Will Thank Me Later! PROMISE

Until Next Time,

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