Monday, November 24, 2008

No I Didnt Forget

So I haven't forgotten about my blog. Nor did I forget that I haven't finished writing about Chloe and her oh so very rough 2 years.

The truth is that I have been spending almost every free minute with Angel, who is my next door neighbor and a really great new friend!

We have spent the last 2 weeks sewing like crazy people! And I thought that Blogging and Coffee was a true addiction. I was wrong.....

Coffee is still my #1 addiction, but now sewing is right up there with Coffee.

Angel and I are going to be doing our very first ever Holiday Bazaar on December 6th. I just hope and pray that everyone loves them as much as we do! We better get some custom orders out of the deal too. I really don't want to force Bella and Chloe to wear a different apron every day just to make me feel better that I spent countless hours making them.

Today we are going to finish up what we started yesterday along with attempt to make a few boys tool belts so the little guys don't feel left. Cause boy oh boy are the aprons cute!

Alright I feel better now I have written a blog. Dinner is already made and its not even 10am yet. Thank goodness for the slow cooker because now I don't have to worry about doing anything else besides sewing until the Hubby gets home. Nothing like a little Refrigerator Soup for Dinner.

For those of you who have no idea what Refrigerator Soup is. You take a little bit of whatever you have in your fridge throw it into a pot add water and call it soup! I did plan for it and mostly picked up everything for it.

My idea of Refrigerator soup and who I got the idea from is way different. My EX- step father's mother would make this soup once a week.

One day while sitting down to dinner after spending a whole week with them while my Mother and Step Father were out of town. I looked at my spoonful of this soup and noticed something....

There was a little bit of everything from a full weeks worth of dinner. His parents lived through the depression and well like most people who did you WASTE NOTHING. I mean nothing so she would take a weeks worth of leftovers toss them in a pot and serve it as soup before any of the leftovers went bad.

I have thought about it many times with my family only because at the first sight of leftovers not only my children, but my hubby as well start looking for ANYTHING they can find to eat besides what I was planning on serving.

Well I'm off I hear Galloping Gerty in the other room calling my name. I must shower then start sewing so I feel like I got something done today.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

PS. Galloping Gerty is my sewing machine.... Before Angel helped me lube her up well the name says it all.. Doesn't it?

Friday, November 21, 2008

She Must Be Cute!

OMG my Baby Chloe was picked as a finalist for baby of the week!

So if your reading this guess what you get to do......

First Check out the picture{0DC47685-AFCC-40AA-82EF-2038ACF0D664}&groupName=KRWM%20On%20Air%20Contests&siteGUID={AFEDDA3C-2BDA-4E6A-8259-8B3901703883}

She is #8

Then send an email to:

And Vote for Chloe!!!!

Don't forget to put Baby #8 Chloe 20 months old in the subject line
then add the same thing to the body of the email.

Please Vote once a day everyday for the next week!

Until Next Time,

Foto Finish Friday Fiesta

I know I promised that I would finish the Story of Chloe this week since tomorrow is her second birthday. My big kids have been super sick with the flu and well I have been addicted to sewing super cute aprons. I forgot today was Friday my plan was to have something super cute to share, but well that didn't happen. So I did the next best thing....

This picture was taken April of 2007. We were enjoying our day at the park when Bella took a dive head first off the swing. I had been taking pictures of the kids that day. I had no idea until I got home that I had taken a picture of her falling.

Scott's face is priceless and well now I have a picture to remember that day. Don't worry Miss Bella was fine she dusted herself off and wanted back on the swing.

I promise I will finish Chloe's story at some point today and post it either tonight or tomorrow. Now I get to rush around and get ready the kids have hair cuts in Seattle at 11:30 and well we live almost 2 hours away.

I should find someone else to cut their hair....

Don't forget to check out Candid Carrie and other great FX4

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Friday, November 14, 2008

Life's Shoulda Coulda Woulda's

Do you ever sit and wonder about all the Shoulda Coulda Woulda's?

I shoulda Finished School

I Coulda been a nurse

I would be working like a mad woman, and wouldn't be able to spend all this wonderful time with my kids. There are only little for a short time.

So my Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's end right there.

I Love being a Mom even on days like today. When they decide to turn my pit stick into a soupy mess. So now I'm being forced to use my husbands.

I shoulda picked up new pit stick on Friday. I wouldn't have had to spend my weekend smelling like my husband.

I shoulda let the big kids make fun of Chloe when she had the flu. I know this sounds bad, but after spending all of Sunday and Monday smelling like my husband, trying to clean up after my two sick big kids who are now sick with the flu. Trying to tell my two year old to stop making fun of the big kids when they are getting sick. There were a few times that I really thought that Chloe was sick. Maybe it's time to sign her up for Acting Classes? Either way this really wasn't my idea of a great weekend or the start to my week.

I shoulda washed some clothes yesterday. Now I'm going to be forced to wear my ugly sweats and some random shirt and pray that I wont need to leave the house.

Oh the Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's of life!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Friday Foto Finish

Since Miss Chloe is a week away from turning 2. I couldn't help but want to share some of our favorite Chloe pictures. This birthday is such a huge milestone for Chloe and our family. Not only did Chloe make it to 2! But she is also part of the 5% of Children who's heart has healed on its own!


Chloe Elizabeth after her first bath

My girls after Bath Time. Isabella 2 Chloe 3 weeks old
Christmas 2006
Avery 4, Isabella 2, Chloe 4 weeks
Chloe and Auntie Melinda at the March of Dimes ( No Photos Please)
Chloe 5 months oldDress up Anyone? 5 Months oldJust another day at the Park 6 Months old4th of July Park Day with MOM
I was getting ready to go home! Chloe 14 months old

My mom wont stop giving me kissesChloe is the coolest! 20 Months old Family Movie Night

Chloe trying to get away from the girls in Pink... "Come Back Baby"
Cotton Candy is the best! Chloe at the Fair

Chloe 22 months old
Chloe looking at Ducks with Daddy 23 Months old

Dont forget to check out Candid Carrie!

Until Next Time,

Just MOM

Monday, November 10, 2008


Sweet Baby Girl your almost 2 I cant even believe it.

Two days ago was the 2 year anniversary of my goal due date. And to think we made it 13 extra days!

Thinking back on everything from the long almost 9 months you were in my tummy. I was so sick and from the very start I couldn't wait for it to be over. Until the day the doctors started to worry about you.

You were extra small and not moving much. There were so many questions being asked and yet no answers being given. Each and everyday that went by we prayed for you. At 21 weeks and 4 days we found out that you were a girl. While I was so excited to be having another girl the doctors kept measuring you over and over again to figure out why you were only measuring at 16 weeks. This doctor wasn't our normal doctor and she wasn't able to say a word about what she was finding. The famous "Hmmmm" we kept hearing for many months after. I still cringe every time someone does it.

Every test under the sun was ran that day. We were hopeful that somewhere down the line we had a history of "small" babies and prayed that genetics were playing a part for you.

This was the day your Big Brother Avery named you boots!

A few weeks later I found out that I had gestational diabetes. From that moment on I ate everything that I was supposed to and made sure my sugars were perfect. I gave up my love of pasta and bread in hopes that you would be okay.

Shortly after that I was going in three times a week so they could check up on you. Make sure you were moving like a crazy girl and growing just right. On Thursday September 21 2006 the sweet nurses at Material Fetal Medicine decided to keep monitoring me for a few more minutes while they finished some paperwork. Not even two minutes later your heart rate dropped.

I don't think I have ever been so scared in my life. Your daddy was working late that night and Your Big Brother and Sister were at a friends house. As they were searching for your heart beat and having me move a million different directions then the Marie one of sweetest nurses I have ever met ran out of the room and the on call Doctor ran back in. When she came back into the room her face was white and the smile that was always upon her face was no longer there.

She walked over to my left side and held my hand. Handed me a tissue and told me everything was going to be okay. They still hadn't found your heart beat and you weren't moving. It had been 3 long minutes. I was being transferred over to the labor and delivery floor. Nothing was being said I had no idea if you were okay.

Just before they started to wheel me out of the room. You moved! The plan was to see how you do for the next few hours and if it happened again then they September 21, 2006 would be your Birthday. You would have been way to early more than 2 months early. Over the next 15 hours you did just fine. Our wonderful doctor came in and that is when we set our plan. She even had a little heart to heart talk with you. You were to stay healthy and strong until November 9th and I was to stay pregnant until then.

We had weekly ultrasounds and we sat in that very chair that were we almost lost you 3 times a week.

I prayed every single day that we would make it to November 9th.

Grandma had a shower for us on October 14 I only had two bites of that Oh so very tasty Chocolate Cheese Cake. I was sure you wouldn't mind something non organic and sweet to eat. We all laughed and talked about everything but the worry we had for you.

I figured that if I didn't pick up your bedding or have everything ready you wouldn't come until we were. Everything stayed in bags and boxes that people gave you at the shower. We had your butterfly bedding picked out, but I wasn't going to buy it until November 8th.

November 9th we were all ready for you to come. I went to see the doctor and you looked just fine so it was now a waiting game. Were you going to come soon or would you wait until what I like to call "D" day.

On November 22, 2006 at 6am your Daddy and I walked through the empty parking lot of Evergreen Hospital knowing that in a few short hours we would be meeting you. Not only that your Big Brother I think was more excited than we were. He was going to meet his Boots!

Everyone showed up at the hospital about 30 minutes before you were born. Avery couldn't figure out why you weren't out yet. Bella was being Bella and had no clue as to what was going on.

At about 12:40 your Brother and Sister took a stroll to the gift shop to pick up their Big Brother and Big Sister T-Shirts. At 12:52pm you were born weighing 7 pounds 9 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. You were Perfect!

Even though you were small to us but normal size to Doctors. We figured you were okay now that you were here.
Your Big Brother held you minutes after you were born. He cried and told you how much he loved you and how he waited so long to meet you. Your Big Sister really wasn't too sure about you, but that didn't stop her from petting you while Avery held you.

Later that day after everyone went home. Avery decided to stay with us in the Hospital just in case you needed him. I remember looking at you next to me you were so sweet and so little. You had the most perfect little lips and those oh so kissable cheeks. You had a tiny bit of blond fuzz on your head and we were almost 99.9% sure your eyes were blue. You wouldn't keep your eyes open long enough for us to see.

Your lips kept turning blue our nurse Liz kept telling me to keep your hat on that you were just cold. I couldn't help it that blond hair was just too sweet! We had no idea that your blue lips were just the start of everything that was going to come.

I didn't get much sleep that night I couldn't take my eyes off you. We waited so long for this day Chloe a day we thought that might never come....

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Check back tomorrow for the more of the Chloe story.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Money Really Does Grow In Walls

All money problems solved by knocking down walls. Then just re wall my walls ( Thanks Jessica Simpson) just to knock them down again and find more CASH!
A Contractor who was working on an old high school friends home. Found Depression-era currency in the bathroom wall.

Well after the contractor found it he made his first oops he told the friend. I'm sure I would have done the same. She offered him 10% he asked for 40% then it went to court. Check out the link to the sight I read the story on. I think its kinda funny. Too bad they didn't end up with much in the end.

I have been searching for my very own money tree for years. I would settle for some wall money. I wish I could count how many times I have wished there was money hanging out in the wall somewhere. Too bad my house was built a few years ago. So the chances of finding Depression-era money is unlikely.

A girl could dream right? Until I find my wall of cash I will still be searching for my Money Tree. I would even take Money Tree seeds even if it means waiting a few years before it starts producing hundred dollar bills. Heck I would even take a money tree that grew twenty dollar bills.

Off in LA LA land,
Just MOM
PS. The re walling the walls was said by Jessica Simpson on MTVS the Newlyweds. I loved the way Nick would look at her after she would say something dumb like re wall the walls. Kinda the same look Scott gives me when I say something Dumb.

Three Little Kids Jumping on the Bed

One fell off and Bumped his head

Momma was forced to say "I told you so".

The girls figured I was serious when I said

One Little Kid Jumping on the bed
He fell off yet again and hurt his foot

Momma Yelled and said "NO MORE"

"But Mom it really hurts"

My response was "well Avery this is why I tell you not to jump on the bed. So unless your bleeding and cant walk I'm sorry you got hurt but you need to go play somewhere else. NOW"

I'm not to sure why my children feel the need to play on my bed. It always ends the same way... They don't really care to listen EVER I get so sick and tired of having to remake my bed and to pick our pillows up off the dirty floor several times a day.

Dear Avery, Bella and Chloe

While I do have a king size bed it is not a play ground, Nor is it a place for you to sleep. The last time I checked you all have your own beds. I didn't buy a King size Bed so there would be room for EVERYONE. I like my space period end of story. And there isn't enough SPACE in that BED for all FIVE of us. So do not play on my bed and please please DO NOT COME DOWN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TO SLEEP WITH ME. It's driving me CRAZY! I no longer believe in a Family Bed I didn't really in the first place. If I could go back in time and place all three of you in your OWN beds from the moment you were born I would. Even if I was forced not to nurse any of you. If this promised me that 6 years later I would be sleeping alone I would. You all would have been formula fed and left to "Cry it Out".


Friday, November 7, 2008

Apparently My Baby Isnt Cute

Apparently my baby isn't cute.... The other day I entered Chloe into a cutest baby contest.
You know the picture of her in her glasses with Avery's underpants on with red high heels and a pink handbag.

I know my child is cute and its not just me being a mom. I'm thinking that it really should have been called the Ugliest baby contest cause non of this weeks children are all that cute.

Okay let me rephrase that they aren't totally unfortunate looking.

I just don't understand how my baby wasn't picked. You know out of all the 9 billion other babies that entered. I cant believe they didn't pick my sweet baby.

Heart Broken,
Just MOM
PS.. How could she not have been picked? Just look at how darn cute she is!

Aprons with a side of Velveeta

After posting my Foto Finish Friday blog. I figured it was time to finish my "Project" of the moment. I have spent the last day or so making a Child Size Apron along with an oven mitt and hot pad to match. All I have left to do is the pocket....

Once I decided it wasn't "Project" time in other words I'm doing what I do best and procrastinating yet again. I checked out Candid Carrie's blogs that I had yet to read this week.
Now I'm feeling the need for Cheesy Spinach and Bacon Dip. I'm starving and it sounds really good and there is no way I'm going to drag my tired self and children to the store. Oh but its made with two of my all time Favorite things Velveeta Cheese and Bacon and well everyone should love Spinach!

Who knows maybe I will since today I'm doing everything else, but what I should be doing.

To tell you the truth I will end up finishing the Apron because I would rather deal with Chloe climbing on the table and pulling the thread off my sewing machine and pushing buttons. I cant stand taking everyone to the Market not only that I cant stand food shopping in the first place. Well I'm going to wipe the drool from my face and start sewing.

Oh how I wish this could be my very first giveaway win! Man if not all that drooling for nothing...
Check out Candid Carrie's Giveway!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

PS... Velveeta Cheese ROCKS! And so does Candid Carrie!

Foto Finish Friday

A week or so ago I rolled out paper to cover our table so the kids could paint. I had no idea that it was going to be such a big hit! We never got around to painting....

Avery, Bella and Chloe spent hours just coloring on the table. Avery drew a picture of a house then some clouds along with three huge mountains.

Then he decided there needed to be people! He drew our family on the Mountains trying to make our way home in the storm. Then my sweet little boy decided that the man on top of the mountain was all bummed out.

Why you ask? Because there was a limo at the bottom of the mountains and the man didn't see it. So the family had spent all this time climbing the mountains trying to get home in a really bad storm and they could have just taken the limo.

I just love the way kids minds work! I couldnt help but share the pictures I took of our lovely table with such great artwork.

Dont forget to check out Candid Carrie and everyone else who is taking part in Foto Finish Friday!

Until Next Time,

Just MOM

Please Tell Me I'm Not The Only One

The phone rings and your children have been playing nicely for hours. Just as soon as that phone rings and you answer it. All hell breaks loose....

It never fails the fighting starts the minute I'm on the phone.
"He looked at me"
"She touched me"
"He wont let me play"
"She hurt my feelings"

Needless to say I am forced to get off the phone and deal with them. Or I kindly tell the person to hang on and I tell the kids to deal with it and I step outside so I cant hear the yelling and crying.

The other issue is when decide to shower. I have given up on ever showering alone, but even with Chloe at my feet the big kids always seem to have something that cant wait five minutes until I am out.
"MOM can I play the LEGO game?"
"MOM can you find me clothes?"
"MOM" "MOM" "MOM" and more "MOM"

It makes me not even want to shower. Please tell me how I am going to start the LEGO game for Avery and find clothes for Bella while I'm trying to shave my legs and wash my hair? Why is it that they cant wait until I am out or when I ask them if there is anything they need before I get in?

The last thing.... I think my children just know that the nights I stay up later than the norm they are up at least 2 hours before they normally get up.

I think this is some form of MOM torture...

It should be outlawed for good.

Law # 1
All children must remain silent at all times when your MOM is on the phone.

All issues need to wait until MOM has had time to shave her legs, wash her hair and is not only out of the shower, but fully dressed.

When MOM was up past her bedtime last night. Not only do Children need to sleep in, but when you do get up make yourself breakfast and turn cartoons on. DO NOT BOTHER MOM UNTIL SHE HAS AT LEAST A CUP OF COFFEE IN HAND.

A MOM has the right to add additional laws as she feels at anytime.

All Children must obey all laws or they will be punished by taking LEGO games away and Polly Pockets.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear General Mills

To whom this may concern,

First off I will start by saying that our family loves your products. Honey Nut Cheerios are eaten daily for breakfast by my children and I'm sure that wont change anytime soon.

Second I know that eating a good breakfast is a great way to start the day, but when it involves fighting over a toy, a single toy you decided to place in the box. It really turns breakfast into the biggest pain in the rear.

When did you decide that it was okay to start placing toys back into the boxes of Cereal without talking to parents first? For the families that only have a single child I'm sure its not problem, but for families like mine or lets say the Duggar family who has 18 children it poses a HUGE problem. Who gets the toy? The child who can read and know that there is a toy in the box? Or the child who starts screaming because there isn't a toy for her? Then you give the toy to the screaming child, and the child who first found out there was a toy in the box is now pouting.

So tell me Mr. General Mills who do I give the toy to? I can handle the boxes of Cereal that you place those super cool little books in. At least we can read over breakfast and learn something fun. But that last thing I need to deal with before I have had my coffee is fighting over a really dumb plastic Madagascar Zebra toy. I will tell you now that by the end of the day its going to end up in the trash anyway.

Why don't you just save everyone the trouble and only include books in the boxes of cereal or make it so we have to send away for the toys. Then it's left up to us parents if we want to deal with it.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Come on People

Your making me feel old. I'm not 100% sure why since I do have 3 children and I'm kinda married.

While on Myspace today I have been noticing that people left and right are having babies or are pregnant. Along with that you people are getting married. For the most part I was the first one out of everyone I know to have kids. But for whatever reason its making me feel old.

The other little issue is when I see all those cute little babies it makes me want to have another one. This by no means is a good thing. So tell your sweet little babies not to be so cute while your snapping those photos. Its causing my Fallopian tubes to flutter and I really do not need another baby anytime soon.

Maybe this feeling old thing has more to do with the fact I'm a mother of a 6 year old who is missing a mouth full of teeth, and 4 year old who thinks shes 24 and a soon to be 2 year old who is connected to my hip at all times.

So this is the only time I am going to ask you people. Stop getting married, stop having babies and if you don't stop having babies at least don't let them be so darn cute.

If you don't do you have any idea what is going to happen?

That's right I might do something crazy like get married or decide to have another baby.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Died and Gone to Taylor Heaven!

So I missed the Grand Opening of Target. I know what was I thinking? They ended up opening the doors a few days early so when October 12 rolled around I said forget it. I wasn't the first one in the door nor did I get to be one of the first to be served at STARBUCKS.

YES PEOPLE THERE IS A STARBUCKS RIGHT INSIDE OF TARGET. It's not one of those lame ones that just serve Starbucks coffee, its a real green apron wearing fully loaded Starbucks that even sells espresso machine's!

I think I have died and gone to Taylor Heaven!

What more could a girl ask for? They should put Laptops on all the shopping carts then I could shop and blog while drinking a vanilla latte!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM