Saturday, November 1, 2008

Died and Gone to Taylor Heaven!

So I missed the Grand Opening of Target. I know what was I thinking? They ended up opening the doors a few days early so when October 12 rolled around I said forget it. I wasn't the first one in the door nor did I get to be one of the first to be served at STARBUCKS.

YES PEOPLE THERE IS A STARBUCKS RIGHT INSIDE OF TARGET. It's not one of those lame ones that just serve Starbucks coffee, its a real green apron wearing fully loaded Starbucks that even sells espresso machine's!

I think I have died and gone to Taylor Heaven!

What more could a girl ask for? They should put Laptops on all the shopping carts then I could shop and blog while drinking a vanilla latte!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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