Friday, November 21, 2008

She Must Be Cute!

OMG my Baby Chloe was picked as a finalist for baby of the week!

So if your reading this guess what you get to do......

First Check out the picture{0DC47685-AFCC-40AA-82EF-2038ACF0D664}&groupName=KRWM%20On%20Air%20Contests&siteGUID={AFEDDA3C-2BDA-4E6A-8259-8B3901703883}

She is #8

Then send an email to:

And Vote for Chloe!!!!

Don't forget to put Baby #8 Chloe 20 months old in the subject line
then add the same thing to the body of the email.

Please Vote once a day everyday for the next week!

Until Next Time,

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