Friday, November 7, 2008

Please Tell Me I'm Not The Only One

The phone rings and your children have been playing nicely for hours. Just as soon as that phone rings and you answer it. All hell breaks loose....

It never fails the fighting starts the minute I'm on the phone.
"He looked at me"
"She touched me"
"He wont let me play"
"She hurt my feelings"

Needless to say I am forced to get off the phone and deal with them. Or I kindly tell the person to hang on and I tell the kids to deal with it and I step outside so I cant hear the yelling and crying.

The other issue is when decide to shower. I have given up on ever showering alone, but even with Chloe at my feet the big kids always seem to have something that cant wait five minutes until I am out.
"MOM can I play the LEGO game?"
"MOM can you find me clothes?"
"MOM" "MOM" "MOM" and more "MOM"

It makes me not even want to shower. Please tell me how I am going to start the LEGO game for Avery and find clothes for Bella while I'm trying to shave my legs and wash my hair? Why is it that they cant wait until I am out or when I ask them if there is anything they need before I get in?

The last thing.... I think my children just know that the nights I stay up later than the norm they are up at least 2 hours before they normally get up.

I think this is some form of MOM torture...

It should be outlawed for good.

Law # 1
All children must remain silent at all times when your MOM is on the phone.

All issues need to wait until MOM has had time to shave her legs, wash her hair and is not only out of the shower, but fully dressed.

When MOM was up past her bedtime last night. Not only do Children need to sleep in, but when you do get up make yourself breakfast and turn cartoons on. DO NOT BOTHER MOM UNTIL SHE HAS AT LEAST A CUP OF COFFEE IN HAND.

A MOM has the right to add additional laws as she feels at anytime.

All Children must obey all laws or they will be punished by taking LEGO games away and Polly Pockets.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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