Friday, October 31, 2008

A Black Cloud

Settles upon the Swecker Family on Halloween this year.

Besides waking up to it pouring down rain outside. Living in Seattle we expect this to happen. After letting our poor soaking wet dog inside the black cloud moves in.

No not the one in the sky, but the one in the form of a Fever and Vomiting. Poor Chloe is super sick, but yet she keeps going into my closet pointing at her butterfly costume and saying "Put On" I should have known yesterday when she was extra crabby and wouldn't eat.

Lets just hope she starts feeling better by 4pm today.

Happy Halloween,

Foto Finish Friday Fiesta

Happy Halloween!

She is not upset because she has the buzz lightyear costume on, but because we said it was time to take it off.

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Happy Halloween,

Just MOM

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Arranged Marriage

While on the phone with a good friend of mine who feels like she is dying from the bird flu. The topic of Drama came up. We all know that I might be a little dramatic, but Bella is the Drama Queen. When asked what she wants to be when she grows up all she talks about is wanting to shop for shoes. My reply is always the same "Well Bella I hope you marry well" I have a feeling she will still be living at home when shes thirty because she wont be able to move out on her Starbucks salary due to her shoe shopping addiction. Maybe she will marry an architect who will design her a house that looks just like Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane. I'm sure that would be the only thing that would get her to move out of our house. Then she can literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes.

A girl can dream right?

Then my friend who is suffering from the Bird Flu (a bad cold with a hint of Dramatic much) thought that I should arrange a marriage for Bella! Why didn't I think of that first? Since Bella is a bit on the high maintenance side already I figured why not get started now. Finding Bella a rich man to marry could take a little time and effort, but I think it could work.

If it were only possible to marry off your 4 year old. While adults fight about real things, just think about what 4 year old would fight about. Who gets the last chocolate chip cookie and what cartoon they are going to watch first. While Bella fights for the cookie and the right to watch Cinderella her "husband" is thinking because he is the MAN of the house he gets the cookie and wants to watch Power Rangers. Knowing Bella this fight would last all day long and she would end up throwing the cookie away or feeding it to the dog. Then she would solve the other problem by unplugging the TV. While her "Husband" tries to talk her into shopping on Rodeo Drive followed by Breakfast at Tiffany's. All of this for a darn cookie and Power Rangers! I'm sure with the idea of new shoes and something sparkly to wear around her neck she would give in. Maybe not Bella sure loves her Chocolate.

Even thought I'm not serious about this, it at least is a good thought right? How funny would it be could you see Bella being married to some other little 4 year old. They both have to go home before Dinner because there is no way I would allow my child to live with anyone else, but me. He can just support her shoe habit.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Sweet Things

Why is it that there are a billion movies for adults on this time of year "Halloween" and really nothing for children? Why cant the It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown be on demand? I'm sure my kids would rather watch that. Other than watching Halloween Dora and Sponge Bob Scary Pants for the nine hundredth time. Anyway while I was trying to find them something to watch I found ET!

I forgot out sweet that movie is. I love the part where Elliott is showing ET things in his room. "The fish eat the food and the shark eats the fish, but nothing eats the shark" Then there is the " This is money, the money goes into the Peanut"

I feel the need for some recess pieces. Did anyone else cry when they watched ET? I sure did I still get a bit teary when I watch it. I guess when my parents way back when went to see it in the theatre there was a little boy sitting next to them who was balling like a baby at the end.

While I'm sitting here talking about movies. I watched the movie Dan in Real Life the other day while my kiddo's were napping. Over all the movie was a bit dumb, but it really made me want to have siblings more than ever. Oh well Scott and I can be the parents who make everyone get together once a year for a week of fun. Where there will be a candy jar with endless recess pieces. I think I might need to run to the store to fix this little craving today. Just think there will be a day I'm really hoping that I'm very old when my kids decide to bring boyfriends and girlfriends home. I hope that I'm almost dead when they decide to get married and have children. Okay so my kids cant date until they are 30 so that would make me well lets see...

Avery 18+30=48
Bella 20+30=50
Chloe 23+30=53

So I wont be old enough maybe I will change their dating age to 50. Then I will be to old to even remember! There goes my whole getting together at some really cool lake cabin once a year with everyone. Lets just hope there is a wheel chair ramp on the house they can just wheel me in. And who knows maybe one of them will have children of their own and the baby and I can share baby food while all the grown ups eat. Second thought maybe I'll stay home and I'll wait for pictures to come in the mail. I'm really an indoor girl who even at 90 wouldn't enjoy a week long stint at a lake. Where there are wild animals and bugs.

Being an only child wasn't any fun. The worst part was when you were given games on Christmas or Birthdays you didn't have anyone to play them with. Pretty Pretty Princess was great only because I used everything for dress up. Who needs to play the game when you can wear all the bracelets and necklaces, top it off with a dumb plastic crown for endless dress up fun!

Is it to late to adopt some brothers and sisters? Maybe I'll just place an ad in the paper asking to join my family. I wonder how many crazy people like me are out there that would even think about replying?

I'm going to go and do something productive now. If I don't post anything tomorrow send a search party to my house. I might be lost in my garage I get to go search for the kids trick or treat bags. I have no idea where they might be I don't remember packing them when we moved and I haven't seen them since last year. If I ever move again I think I'm just going to pack my children and maybe pictures. Sell our house as is with all our crap and just buy new. It would make finding things a snap.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

PS I just love the smell of bacon in the morning! To bad it was from last night. I don't know about you, but the smell of old bacon makes me sick.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How do they come up with this stuff?

Last night over dinner Avery starts talking about how far away China and Africa were.
We heard about how they talk differently than we do and how they look different. Followed by everyone is different and that is what makes us special.

Then he goes on to say how people in China and Africa don't have water and they don't have food to eat.

We have never talked about it so I'm really not sure where any of this came from.

Off Sub is anyone else ready for this darn election to be over? I live for the day that I can turn the TV and not hear someone pointing fingers at someone else. Its driving me crazy really really crazy.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

PS. My children are being extra loud today. I think its time to pull out the ear plugs.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sick or Just Sick and Tired?

Either I am just sick and tired of life or I'm just sick.

I have been feeling under the weather for the last week or so. No once again NO I'm not pregnant its not that kind of sick.

First I'm crazy tired and cant seem to get enough sleep. I'm not one to nap and I have taken one everyday the last 4 days. And I'm still tired....

Now I'm losing my voice, my nose is stuffy and it hurts to swallow.

Now the question is am I sick because of stress and my children driving me nuts? Or am I really truly sick? I'm guessing its Sick Sick...

Now I'm going to go crawl into my bed and not come out until I feel better. I'm sure my children will be okay. I'll just tell them not to answer the door, and I'm sure they would survive on Peanut Butter and Jelly for the next few days. So they might spend a few days in the same clothes and maybe not brush their teeth. I'm sure they wouldn't really mind.

Being sick really isn't any fun. I really hope that spending days in bed and allowing my children to live on PB&J's will make me feel better.... At least by Friday that is all I ask. I'm not sure I can handle hours of Trick or Treating and dealing with my ENTIRE family feeling this way.

Going to find some chicken noodle soup.

Until Next Time,
Sick MOM

Note To Self: When spending days in bed don't forget to hide all things that can cause a huge mess or start a fire.


I was just sitting outside talking on the phone and having a cup of coffee.

It was raining at the end of our yard, but not were I was sitting.

How Strange!

It reminded me of that new show on Discovery Storm Chasers... I know its not really like it, but I felt like them for about a second while they watch the storms from far away and you can see the rain.

How cool would it be to Chase Tornado's? Maybe that's what I should have done. Yeah right I would chicken out in a matter of seconds.

Until Next Time,

King Size Bed

Why is it the minute I turn the TV off and try to go to sleep that is when Bella decides to come into our bed? Why is it that when I take her back to her bed she doesn't ever stay there?

Okay so Bella's night of coming into our bed starts every night at about 11pm. The up and down the stairs goes on until about 4am when I give up. Then Avery always makes his way into our bed at some point. I guess in his 6 years of life he has mastered the art of sneaking into our bed without us noticing. Bella likes to make herself known she likes to curl up right next to you.

Picture this...
Me trying to sleep in between a almost 2 year old who I cant seem to stop nursing and a 4 year old who likes to kick and elbow you all night long. Maybe its not that my meds aren't working, I'm starting to think that its my children in my bed. Maybe we should invest in Jail type doors for their bedrooms.

I guess I can look forward to the day they move out. At this point I feel like there is never going to be an end to them sleeping with us.

So I might have a king size bed, but it sure doesn't feel like it when you have 5 people in it.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

PS I need a Nap

Friday, October 24, 2008

Foto Finish Friday

This picture was taken last week on our trip to Spokane. Chloe was having a blast being an only child. This is a picture of her kissing Daddy. Chloe never gives kisses so I couldn't help, but get a picture of it.


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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best News Ever!!

And no I'm not Pregnant...
I don't really think that if I were it would be good news. The blog would be titled "Padded Room Please"

Yesterday was Chloe 2 year Cardiology check up! I called Tuesday in hopes to get in sometime next week and well I was told to come in the next day. To think I thought that was great news being able to take Chloe alone without the big kids.

Now are you ready for the really really really really really really good news? My sweet baby with who has holes in her heart and a temperamental bowel. Doesn't need to see Dr. Stamm again for 2 years!!!!!! Its hard to think that in 2 short years my baby will be 4.

So the Ventricular Septal Defect remains, but its small. I guess most VSD close by the time a child is 2 if its going to close. He remains hopeful that it will close by the time she is 4, but most likely it wont. She will not require it to be patched nor will she need antibiotics before going to the dentist. Chloe is still small as if we didn't know that by looking at her, but they are thinking this is because she was just born early. And not because of her heart and well being small and a girl isn't a bad thing. I'm sure we will all wish we could fit into her size zero pants when shes 15.

It's hard to look at Chloe and not remember all the hard times. Then when you watch her run around the house, coloring on walls and eating markers we are so very lucky she is her today. There was a point in time that we had no idea if we were going to be able to watch her grow up and turn into the sweet, wild and crazy soon to be 2 year old that she is.

I know we are really lucky to have had this outcome. I thank God daily for my sweet baby girl. Even though the first year was really hard and so was most of the second. I wouldn't trade it for anything. She has shown us how to love more and be thankful for what we have. Life if such a special thing and I know how truly special it really is.

Chloe wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the wonderful Doctors and Nurses at Children's Hospital and the great Nurses at Evergreen Hospital's Breastfeeding Center. We love you Dr. Thomas, Dr. Stamm, I wish I were able to list all the nurses at Children's that helped us while we were there, but I know we don't have that kind of time. Thank you Karen and Sally at Evergreen you helped Chloe so much. If it weren't for you two Chloe wouldn't be here today.

Remember 1 out of every 100 babies born will be born with a Congenital Heart Defect. If you don't know someone now you will. If you would like any information on Congenital Heart Defects or how you can help raise awareness please feel free to email me.

width=110 height=110 vspace="5" border=0 alt="Help Spread Congenital
Heart Defects Awareness">

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Guess the Coffee was Bad

A woman in Fort Pierce Florida decided to go to jail rather than pay her bill at a Fort Pierce Waffle House restaurant. The total she went to jail over: $ 7.45. According to a police report. The woman ordered coffee and a sandwich a the restaurant on Saturday, but refused to pay the bill.

I guess she was asked by an officer to pay her bill or go to jail and she refused to pay the bill.

She was released Monday from the St. Lucie County Jail. She was charged with obtaining food or lodging with the intent to defraud, a second degree misdemeanor.

I figured you all would want to know just in case you decide to order and not want to pay. I will not bail you out.... Don't bother calling because my phone doesn't allow collect calls.

If convicted of a second degree misdemeanor she could face up to 60 days in jail and a fine of $500..... I'm guessing she wishes she would have paid the $7.45.

Maybe not it could have been a really bad cup of coffee and who knows maybe there was something nasty in the sandwich!

Until Next Time,


Monday, October 20, 2008

Adult ADD visits again

Here are some reasons why I shouldn't be allowed to get bored.

1.) Random pictures are taken

2.) I drive people crazy

3.) I do crazy things with my hair

4.) I put things in my nose and ears

All of this was done within the last hour of driving. Next time I think I will find something to keep me busy in the car.

Until Next Time,

Just MOM

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

I figured I would share my favorite part of Spokane with you all today! In a few short hours I will be playing on this HUGE Radio Flyer with my Children. I cant wait!!!

There is nothing better than being able to take your children somewhere you once played as a child.

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Until Next Time,

Just MOM

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane


Tomorrow we are all loading up into my Oh so fabulous Mom Mobile and heading to Spokane. Where I will be handing my big kids over to my in-laws for an entire WEEK! My Children are going to be two states away from home without me.

At first I couldn't wait for this day to come. Now I'm sitting here missing them and they haven't even left yet.

Now I just wish that the personal Jet that comes fully staffed wasn't just a figment of my imagination. I would force my driver to drive me to my personal air port daily. So I would be able to fly to Montana so I could eat breakfast with my kids every morning. Fly home then return to tuck them into bed followed by Hugs and Kisses. To bad my "Driver" is me and well I think it's official....

I have lost my mind!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

PS. While on my way home tonight from one of the longest days of my life. Guess What! Gas is now under 3 bucks!!!! I cant remember the last time I saw it at $2.99 per gallon!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Or as what I like to call Adult ADD!
Some might differ with this diagnosis. Okay so not a real diagnosis its a self diagnosis for the most part.

Could it be Adult ADD that causes me to forget what I'm doing while I'm doing it? Could it be the reason I have more unfinished cross stitch projects started than I can count? Why am I blogging when I should be packing?

I have started laundry and since the big kids are helping Scott clean out the van and give my mom mobile a wash. The baby is sleeping and I'm enjoying the idea of being able to finish my thought and write!

Wishful thinking that my crazy pills would help with my memory or my lack of for that matter. As I sit here picking paper mache of my pants that have been washed 3 times. Thank goodness it didn't all wash off or I might have forgotten to finish the pumpkins before the kids go.

Could ADD have been the reason for my slacking in school? I'm guessing NO, but I sure wish I had that excuse! I think I could add OCD to my list of issues... a few minutes ago I walked into my kitchen opened the dishwasher, then closed it. I couldn't remember what I was getting... Oh yeah a cup for my Crystal Light obsession. I'm thinking that might be borderline addiction really. I drink the stuff like its water.

Sometimes I even talk to myself... I am right now thinking about things I need to remember to pack for the kids. I justify this "talking" to myself with the hopes that if I say it out loud I'll remember. That's where the ADD attacks again... In just moments I'll forget what it was I needed to make sure they had and the thought will forever be gone.

Maybe if I did what I needed to do at the moment I needed to do it. There wouldn't be a problem. And my Crazy pill taking, Self diagnosed Adult ADD, OCD, slightly schizophrenic, suffering from memory loss self could get something done!

I cant even remember where I was going with this....

Oh Right! Procrastination!

I'm about 99% sure this is truly my problem.
Maybe it doesn't count for the memory loss or the crazy pills, but it does count for everything else. I'm not suffering from Schizophrenia or OCD thank goodness, but I am suffering from good old fashioned Procrastination.

I am now leaving to pack, but who knows what else I might find to do before I get to the kids rooms.

Until Next Time,

Some Things Shouldnt Change

Sometimes I look at my children and wish that I were young again. Being free of worry and the worst that could ever happen is being called inside to go to bed. How about when you were forced to brush your teeth for a second time in one day... "But, Mom I already brushed them today!"

I wish that as an adult we didn't have to worry about the things we do. I live for the day that I wake up worry free and content like my soon to be 2 year old. Where not being able to find your milk cup is the reason for crying.

When I sat down at the computer today. Trying to come up with something other than just my OMG my blog is #1 on google. I gave up and thought that I would try to get my day started. First shower then start laundry with the dream of having the big kids packed before going to bed tonight. Tomorrow is going to be crazy and long and who knows if I would get around to packing. The last thing I want to do is try to do it minutes before we leave Friday and forget something like Blankets, Bears or Binkies! I'm sure Nanny and Grandpa would love me if I did that.

Back to the reason for this posting... I was bored while taking a shower so I did the only rational thing... Read Avery's Shampoo bottle.

First off why is it when you grow up all the fun stops. I want fun facts on my Shampoo bottle!
Avery's Shampoo reads...
Did You Know? Dolphins are fast swimmers. Some can swim up to 25 miles per hour. That's 5 times faster than the best human swimmers!

Where are my fun Shampoo facts? How fun would it be if they put something fun like..Who was the first person on the cover of Vogue? As for men's shampoo well Scott just said he couldn't give a rip if there was anything on it... So I'm not going to think of anything.

As for the Directions on the Shampoo... Avery's reads
Squeeze a gumball-sized amount into palm and apply to wet hair. Lather into a wig of Bubbles!

Garnier Fructis Directions
Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly.
Can you say boring.

Now tell me why the baby shampoo doesn't have any directions? I'm guessing that they figure that all adults know how to use it. Then why do they put directions on adult shampoo?

Well that's all I my lame since of creativity has to offer today.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM


Google Rocks! Thank GOD for the Target Grand Opening Post!

I know that you are all wondering what has prompted me to post this....

Guess What!!!!!

If you Google " Target Grand Opening, Puyallup" Blanket Bears and Binkies is #1!!!!!

So I'm a bit mad at Target, they opened like 3 days before they had planned. They didn't send Targets #1 FAN a memo of this... So I missed it... Now I'm boycotting them at least until Payday.

Thank You Google and Thank you to everyone that reads my blog! I love you all!!!!!!

I'm going to go back to drinking coffee and listening to Taylor Swift while I try to wake up and think of something else to blog about!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Foto Finish Fiesta

Value Village at its Finest!
Hat: $.50
Wig :$1.50
Glasses :$2.00
Finding a used pair of dentures so you don't have to make a trip to the dentist: Priceless!

This is a picture of my dear old dad doing what he loves to do. Nothing like dressing up on any given day just to mess with people!

Here is a picture of what he really looks like

And to think I almost forgot!

Visit Candid Carrie's Foto Finish Friday you wont be sorry!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Cause

To my surprise yesterday while trying to get in the shower something caught my attention.

From the coner of my eye... Could it really be what I think it is?

No Way!

A Darn GRAY HAIR had made a home for it self on my head. I did the only logical thing and pulled that sucker out! As soon as I was done with that the search was on. I spent over 20 minutes looking for more... Knowing that where there is one there must be more. I gave up, showered and went on about my day trying to forget the horror that my poor head of almost black hair had to endure for god knows how long. Sharing space with a gray hair must have killed all the other poor hairs. No wonder I had been suffering from a few bad hair days. My scalp was mad! It should have left me a memo or something about this unwelcome guest.

Then it happened again! Today while getting ready to brush my teeth before I jumped in the shower. There staring right at me the best friend of yesterdays gray hair.... OMG its another one! Before pulling this evil creature I couldn't help, but want to cry.

How is this happening to me? Everyone told me turning 25 would be okay, but they are so wrong. I'm one step away from having to be snuck in the back door of the salon while I make them try to match my natural hair color and then leaving out of the same door I walked in to. All of this during off hours so people wont find out....


Was it turning 25 that did this, or is it that my children are driving me mad? Could it be the fact that I just got screwed by the family who's kid I was taking care of? Maybe the $85 billion dollar bailout plan should be blamed? Better yet I should have been a part of AIG or just a happy wife of an employee along for the week long spa retreat and I could have used America's money to color my hair.

Nothing like a $400,000 dollar F U to America.

I'm thinking that I will go with the whole being old, having kids, and work being blamed for the gray hair... As for AIG payback is a B***H.

Until Next Time..... Don't tell anyone I'm getting OLD.

Just MOM

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Calling all Stinky Dogs!

I have been thinking about it for weeks and today was the day. That I made the decision to give good old 100 pounds of dirty daisy a bath. The last time I did this I thought that the kids bathtub would be the perfect place. I couldn't have been more wrong. Who would have thought that my sweet Daisy would hate getting a bath. I'm sorry but trying to lift a million pound dog into the tub would be so hard. No, I'm not stretching the truth when I say she weighs a million pounds. When she has the will not to do something somehow she goes from her sweet and loving one hundred pounds to a million in 2.2 seconds.

This time around I thought I could persuade her in my shower with treats! She had no problem taking the treat before I asked her to get in the shower. However as soon as I told her to get in she was looking for a way out. I was blocking her from leaving the bathroom so there wasn't anywhere she could go. Poor thing looked as if I were asking her to do the unthinkable. I found myself lifting that million pound dog yet again. Once inside I couldn't help but pray that her oh so very stiff body wouldn't get a wild hair and try to make the great escape through the glass shower door.

Bathing a million pound dog requires two things. You getting in the shower with her in next to nothing this way while your trying to wash the non moving dog it makes it so much easier to clean yourself up after. Second you will need every towel you own for when your done. I cover the bathroom floor only to make the drying process easy. Once Daisy it out she drops her whoa as me body wherever she feels the need. This way the side I cant reach kinda gets dry too!

The dog is now clean, brushed and her nails have been cut!
And well I need a nap.

As for Daisy she has been ignoring me since I started giving her a bath. She wont even look at me nor will she listen to me when I call for her. At least she now smells like a wet dog and trust me its so much better than what she smelled like before. Lets just say that smell was whatever she found dead in the back yard and was rolling in it smell.

Maybe I'll give the cat a bath next. I'm sure If I did that I would end up in the ER having my arms stitched back on.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Friday, October 3, 2008

Shower + Bath =

Memories of Camp!

Lesson One
Don't allow your small child to run the bathtub water while taking a shower.

Lesson Two
Yes you might get to shower alone, but not only to do need to worry about your small child slipping in. You also get to worry about running out of hot water.

Lesson Three
Don't let your small child play in water when you have a kitten. Because I can promise you that the kitten will end up wet.

Lesson Four
Don't try to take a shower and shave your legs if both the shower and the bathtub are running. YOU WILL RUN OUT OF HOT WATER VERY VERY FAST

Lesson Five
You'll get a longer Hotter Shower if you allow your small child to shower with you. Hey and you might get to shave too!!!

Lesson Six
Don't let the razor slip... Your likely to shave off what little hair your small child has. ( And no this hasn't happened to me, but its my biggest fear!)

Today I was able to remember what it was like to shower at Camp. No hot water and trying to shave your legs while your starting to suffer from hypothermia!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Foto Finish Friday!

This picture was taken the day that our sweet little Oscar came to live with us. Bella knew he needed a nap, and so the best thing to do before you put your baby to bed is read a book. So that is what she did! Oscar sat there for the longest time just listening to her read.

He is very much so a wild and crazy kitten, but for some reason when he is with Bella he lets her do just about anything.

Thank you Candid Carrie for allowing me to be a part of Foto Finish Friday! Don't forget to check her blog out!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Got Milk?

Yesterday Evening while I was nursing Chloe and Watching the debate. Miss Bella decides to come over and sit by me. I guess in a way I have been waiting the last almost two years for this question to come up and was hoping that it never would.

"Hey Mom" Bella says with a puzzled look on her face
"How do you make Milk?"

I had no idea how to answer that. I'm sure the poor girl is thinking about a gallon of milk we buy from the store and figuring that is what it is. I turn to Scott with "Help me here! I have no idea how to answer that without completely freaking her out"

Scott a bit bothered that I'm even asking for his help while the debate is on. Without even thinking about it he replies with.

"Mom's just make Milk" short sweet and to the point.

Bella looks at me

"Like Pigs do!"
"Yes Bella"
"And Cows?"
" Dogs too!"
"Yes Bella"
"Yes Bella all animals make milk to feed their babies"
"And horses?"
"All animals Bella"

At this point I'm starting to wonder if she is ever going to stop.

"Even Bears?"
"What about Elephants?"
"Yes Bella all animals"
"All animals?"
"Yes Isabella all animals"
"Mom are you sure?"
"Okay Mom thanks, so how do mom's make the milk?"

I couldn't take it any longer so I got up and walked away.
Nothing like having your four year old compare you to everything that lives on a farm!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Only Child

In 14 days we will be packing up the good old mini van and starting our journey to Spokane to meet Nanna and Grandpa. The big kids are going to be gone for a WHOLE WEEK! I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I'm excited for them because they are going to have so much fun. They have so many things planned for them. They are evening going Camping this is something you really couldn't pay me to do. I'm a 110% indoor girl and plan on staying that way.

Last night it hit me....

I cant believe that I hadn't thought of it sooner. It's been a little over 4 years since I only had one child. Now I cant wait to do things with Chloe that I wouldn't be able to do with all 3! You know all the things I did with Avery, but never had the chance to do with Bella. Poor Bella the middle Child never gets anything. If that were only a true statement....

The plan is to surprise the big kids when they get back. We are going to be painting their rooms! Still trying to figure out how to make Avery's future Orange room look less Orange. I have been trying to talk him into some sort of Blue with Orange accents, but with no luck I think I'm just going to give up and go for the Orange. Bella's room will be painted Dragon Fruit it's the greatest shade of Hot Pink, but yet its not really hot pink it's just perfect for my pink loving baby girl!

I know what your thinking....

How could I let the boy pick Orange for his bedroom. If it wasn't for the fact that it has always been Avery's color of choice we wouldn't be doing it. When he was one he had this Orange shirt that he wore everywhere. Anytime it was time to get dressed he had to have it. After Bella was born I had taken him to see some Dino's I had spent most of his life trying to make him "Love" then as much as I did. I was so happy that day when he picked out a Dino shirt from the gift shop. It wasn't until we got out to the car that I figured out why he picked it out in the first place. Yep, It was Orange bright Orange at that. Once he started Preschool all of his School work that first year was always done in Orange whether they were painting, using color crayons or markers. That was the year the drew full body self portraits, and yes he was all Orange!

Since things have never really changed I have a feeling Orange will be his color so why not paint his room how he wants it. Bella doesn't really care as long as its Pink, but not what she calls "Chloe Pink". It must be darker than baby pink and it better be Bright. Chloe's room will be painted light pink with white stripes. I'm sure if she could talk she would want her room painted the color of a monkey, but thank goodness she cant. We will just make sure that she is surrounded by her sweet monkeys and I'm sure she will be happy!

I cant believe that I am going to have one full week with only one child. What am I goin to do with myself? What if I decide that I don't want the big kids to come home? I wonder if Scott's parents would mind?

Why is it that every time I sit down to write Chloe has Clothes on. Then by the time I'm done shes running around here naked? I guess that means I should go and get my soon to be two year old dressed. Plus Avery has been bothering me for the last hour to play computer games. Why did I feel the need to show him that on the lego website you can play games?

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Always After The Fact

It's funny how I hear about great things when it's to late. Yesterday I was told about this drug called Synagis it's an RSV Protection medication from of my dearest friends. Her daughter was also born with Congenital Heart Defects like Miss Chloe. She was told about this RSV protection by their Doctor and it sounds like her daughter will be receiving the once a month shot during the cold and flu season.

So I'm thinking SCORE! With the hopes of Chloe not landing in Children's again this year. Even though they are great there is nothing worse than seeing your child that sick. So I made the call to our family Doctor to see whats up. Turns out that last years Hospital stay could have been avoided if I would have asked about Synagis... Kills me how they say something now about it. This year Chloe is too old for it and they have told us to make sure she gets a Flu shot this year.

So I figured I can look at it this way. If Chloe ends up back at Children's with RSV for the third time. I can once again stock up on her favorite pink blankets and diaper rash cream for the year!
Extra added bonus would have to be the HOT DOCTORS! Nothin like some good eye candy when you haven't seen the outside of a hospital for days.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

Terrible Two's

Double Stuffed Oreos are terrible because they are just that good.

Twins I haven't had any, but I have taken care of enough sets to know.

Twin Candy Bars because you cant just eat one.

Flip Flops when you can only find one of every pair you own.

Laundry because you just spent over and hour putting away clothes. When you look over and see there are two more loads needing to be folded.

Coffee at the drive thur Starbucks so you order thinking you have enough time to "find" enough change while you wait for the cars in front of you to get their coffee. After digging for Change under the seats in the ash try and the bottom of your handbag. You look up and well its your turn. You count what you found and you only have two bucks, and well that just wont work so you are forced to use your card. Now your husband knows that you went to Starbucks twice this week.

Lemons when on sale. Lets just say the large lemons are 2 for $2 or 1 for a $1.50 so you buy two. As always you only end up using the one you had planned on. Weeks later you find a great science experiment in your fridge. Then you realize that the $.50 you could have saved could have gone to your Starbucks fund, but now you get to spend the next two minutes cleaning the experiment up.

The Flu when two of your three children get sick at the same time. That means two times the Motrin and two times the laundry.

Peanut Butter Cups for obvious reasons.

Chloe is turning into a two year old before my very eyes. I think this will be our first look at what people call the terrible two's.

Having two older children who were sweet as can be at two PRICELESS!

Finding out what the terrible twos really are all about.... I like to call BIRTH CONTROL!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM