Sunday, October 5, 2008

Calling all Stinky Dogs!

I have been thinking about it for weeks and today was the day. That I made the decision to give good old 100 pounds of dirty daisy a bath. The last time I did this I thought that the kids bathtub would be the perfect place. I couldn't have been more wrong. Who would have thought that my sweet Daisy would hate getting a bath. I'm sorry but trying to lift a million pound dog into the tub would be so hard. No, I'm not stretching the truth when I say she weighs a million pounds. When she has the will not to do something somehow she goes from her sweet and loving one hundred pounds to a million in 2.2 seconds.

This time around I thought I could persuade her in my shower with treats! She had no problem taking the treat before I asked her to get in the shower. However as soon as I told her to get in she was looking for a way out. I was blocking her from leaving the bathroom so there wasn't anywhere she could go. Poor thing looked as if I were asking her to do the unthinkable. I found myself lifting that million pound dog yet again. Once inside I couldn't help but pray that her oh so very stiff body wouldn't get a wild hair and try to make the great escape through the glass shower door.

Bathing a million pound dog requires two things. You getting in the shower with her in next to nothing this way while your trying to wash the non moving dog it makes it so much easier to clean yourself up after. Second you will need every towel you own for when your done. I cover the bathroom floor only to make the drying process easy. Once Daisy it out she drops her whoa as me body wherever she feels the need. This way the side I cant reach kinda gets dry too!

The dog is now clean, brushed and her nails have been cut!
And well I need a nap.

As for Daisy she has been ignoring me since I started giving her a bath. She wont even look at me nor will she listen to me when I call for her. At least she now smells like a wet dog and trust me its so much better than what she smelled like before. Lets just say that smell was whatever she found dead in the back yard and was rolling in it smell.

Maybe I'll give the cat a bath next. I'm sure If I did that I would end up in the ER having my arms stitched back on.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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