Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Or as what I like to call Adult ADD!
Some might differ with this diagnosis. Okay so not a real diagnosis its a self diagnosis for the most part.

Could it be Adult ADD that causes me to forget what I'm doing while I'm doing it? Could it be the reason I have more unfinished cross stitch projects started than I can count? Why am I blogging when I should be packing?

I have started laundry and since the big kids are helping Scott clean out the van and give my mom mobile a wash. The baby is sleeping and I'm enjoying the idea of being able to finish my thought and write!

Wishful thinking that my crazy pills would help with my memory or my lack of for that matter. As I sit here picking paper mache of my pants that have been washed 3 times. Thank goodness it didn't all wash off or I might have forgotten to finish the pumpkins before the kids go.

Could ADD have been the reason for my slacking in school? I'm guessing NO, but I sure wish I had that excuse! I think I could add OCD to my list of issues... a few minutes ago I walked into my kitchen opened the dishwasher, then closed it. I couldn't remember what I was getting... Oh yeah a cup for my Crystal Light obsession. I'm thinking that might be borderline addiction really. I drink the stuff like its water.

Sometimes I even talk to myself... I am right now thinking about things I need to remember to pack for the kids. I justify this "talking" to myself with the hopes that if I say it out loud I'll remember. That's where the ADD attacks again... In just moments I'll forget what it was I needed to make sure they had and the thought will forever be gone.

Maybe if I did what I needed to do at the moment I needed to do it. There wouldn't be a problem. And my Crazy pill taking, Self diagnosed Adult ADD, OCD, slightly schizophrenic, suffering from memory loss self could get something done!

I cant even remember where I was going with this....

Oh Right! Procrastination!

I'm about 99% sure this is truly my problem.
Maybe it doesn't count for the memory loss or the crazy pills, but it does count for everything else. I'm not suffering from Schizophrenia or OCD thank goodness, but I am suffering from good old fashioned Procrastination.

I am now leaving to pack, but who knows what else I might find to do before I get to the kids rooms.

Until Next Time,

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Lynn said...

This made me laugh. The half-finished cross stitch projects, the talking to yourself, etc. etc. I do relate! I think there are probably a lot of us forgetful/distracted/whatever you want to call us moms out there. Because we have so much to remember! Thanks for sharing.