Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Things Shouldnt Change

Sometimes I look at my children and wish that I were young again. Being free of worry and the worst that could ever happen is being called inside to go to bed. How about when you were forced to brush your teeth for a second time in one day... "But, Mom I already brushed them today!"

I wish that as an adult we didn't have to worry about the things we do. I live for the day that I wake up worry free and content like my soon to be 2 year old. Where not being able to find your milk cup is the reason for crying.

When I sat down at the computer today. Trying to come up with something other than just my OMG my blog is #1 on google. I gave up and thought that I would try to get my day started. First shower then start laundry with the dream of having the big kids packed before going to bed tonight. Tomorrow is going to be crazy and long and who knows if I would get around to packing. The last thing I want to do is try to do it minutes before we leave Friday and forget something like Blankets, Bears or Binkies! I'm sure Nanny and Grandpa would love me if I did that.

Back to the reason for this posting... I was bored while taking a shower so I did the only rational thing... Read Avery's Shampoo bottle.

First off why is it when you grow up all the fun stops. I want fun facts on my Shampoo bottle!
Avery's Shampoo reads...
Did You Know? Dolphins are fast swimmers. Some can swim up to 25 miles per hour. That's 5 times faster than the best human swimmers!

Where are my fun Shampoo facts? How fun would it be if they put something fun like..Who was the first person on the cover of Vogue? As for men's shampoo well Scott just said he couldn't give a rip if there was anything on it... So I'm not going to think of anything.

As for the Directions on the Shampoo... Avery's reads
Squeeze a gumball-sized amount into palm and apply to wet hair. Lather into a wig of Bubbles!

Garnier Fructis Directions
Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly.
Can you say boring.

Now tell me why the baby shampoo doesn't have any directions? I'm guessing that they figure that all adults know how to use it. Then why do they put directions on adult shampoo?

Well that's all I my lame since of creativity has to offer today.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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