Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Cause

To my surprise yesterday while trying to get in the shower something caught my attention.

From the coner of my eye... Could it really be what I think it is?

No Way!

A Darn GRAY HAIR had made a home for it self on my head. I did the only logical thing and pulled that sucker out! As soon as I was done with that the search was on. I spent over 20 minutes looking for more... Knowing that where there is one there must be more. I gave up, showered and went on about my day trying to forget the horror that my poor head of almost black hair had to endure for god knows how long. Sharing space with a gray hair must have killed all the other poor hairs. No wonder I had been suffering from a few bad hair days. My scalp was mad! It should have left me a memo or something about this unwelcome guest.

Then it happened again! Today while getting ready to brush my teeth before I jumped in the shower. There staring right at me the best friend of yesterdays gray hair.... OMG its another one! Before pulling this evil creature I couldn't help, but want to cry.

How is this happening to me? Everyone told me turning 25 would be okay, but they are so wrong. I'm one step away from having to be snuck in the back door of the salon while I make them try to match my natural hair color and then leaving out of the same door I walked in to. All of this during off hours so people wont find out....


Was it turning 25 that did this, or is it that my children are driving me mad? Could it be the fact that I just got screwed by the family who's kid I was taking care of? Maybe the $85 billion dollar bailout plan should be blamed? Better yet I should have been a part of AIG or just a happy wife of an employee along for the week long spa retreat and I could have used America's money to color my hair.

Nothing like a $400,000 dollar F U to America.

I'm thinking that I will go with the whole being old, having kids, and work being blamed for the gray hair... As for AIG payback is a B***H.

Until Next Time..... Don't tell anyone I'm getting OLD.

Just MOM

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