Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Terrible Two's

Double Stuffed Oreos are terrible because they are just that good.

Twins I haven't had any, but I have taken care of enough sets to know.

Twin Candy Bars because you cant just eat one.

Flip Flops when you can only find one of every pair you own.

Laundry because you just spent over and hour putting away clothes. When you look over and see there are two more loads needing to be folded.

Coffee at the drive thur Starbucks so you order thinking you have enough time to "find" enough change while you wait for the cars in front of you to get their coffee. After digging for Change under the seats in the ash try and the bottom of your handbag. You look up and well its your turn. You count what you found and you only have two bucks, and well that just wont work so you are forced to use your card. Now your husband knows that you went to Starbucks twice this week.

Lemons when on sale. Lets just say the large lemons are 2 for $2 or 1 for a $1.50 so you buy two. As always you only end up using the one you had planned on. Weeks later you find a great science experiment in your fridge. Then you realize that the $.50 you could have saved could have gone to your Starbucks fund, but now you get to spend the next two minutes cleaning the experiment up.

The Flu when two of your three children get sick at the same time. That means two times the Motrin and two times the laundry.

Peanut Butter Cups for obvious reasons.

Chloe is turning into a two year old before my very eyes. I think this will be our first look at what people call the terrible two's.

Having two older children who were sweet as can be at two PRICELESS!

Finding out what the terrible twos really are all about.... I like to call BIRTH CONTROL!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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