Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Small Talk and Coco Puffs

While talking to one of my greatest friends in the world today. I heard one of the funnest things ever! Her second youngest who Bella has stated to be her best friend in the whole wide world was freaking out about having poop on her skirt. While her mother is tending to her child trying to figure out how it happened. I'm laughing....

Then I here " That's Not Poop! It's a Coco Puff!"

I'm sorry but kids are just too cute!

I can see it now....
I'll be alone in the cereal section at the store I will spot a box of Coco Puffs and start laughing. People will be looking at me strangely and then over the loud speaker you will "We need Crazy Lady Clean up on Isle 10" There I'll be on Isle 10 being hauled out in a straight jacket...


Until Next Time We Love You and Miss You Guys!

Just Mom

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