Monday, September 8, 2008

Bored and Blogging

To all the BB&B ( Blankets Bears and Binkies ) Fans,

I know I have been lame and haven't been posting much. Between School work and House work I haven't really had a minute to sit and write.

So here we go...

Are you ready?

Avery I missing both of his top front teeth. It's super crazy cute and watching him eat spaghetti last night was great. It took me a minute to figure out why he was pulling the really long noodles back out of his mouth when he couldn't fit them in there. Once I had an idea I asked him to see what he would say " MOM! Any idea's of what I should be doing other than pulling them back out? It's not like I have any teeth to bite them with" He did have a good point. He is still trying to figure out how teeth as big as mine are going to all fit in his mouth. The question is asked many times during the day.

Bella cant wait to turn 5 she keeps telling everyone that all her teeth are going to fall out.
We were watching Animal Planet last night. There was a family that was raising a black bear? Or at least I think it was a black bear well a bear none the less. After watching the bear climb into the fridge. Bella looks at me with her hands on her hips " Don't these people know that bears are wild animals, and they should not be in your house?" Now we are just waiting for her to start some sort of "Save the Bears" or "Bears are not pet" campaign. Why do I feel like she is going to be the spokes person for PETA sometime in the near future?

Chloe is talking like crazy her new thing to say is "Hot Dog". She is running all over the place and getting into everything. She doesn't think there is a need for clothes and is often seen running around with no clothes on. This happens without us knowing.... I can dress her walk into the other room come back and there is a pile of Chloe clothes and shes running away laughing. It doesn't help that the big kids think its funny so she does it even more.

Could kids be any more fun? I'm thinking not, but then we will wake up tomorrow and there will be something else amazing they are doing.

Speaking of the naked baby for some reason she thinks I want to eat a half chewed bite of peanut butter cracker. If you could only see her sitting her trying to shove it into my mouth. She cant seem to stop laughing!

Here are a few new Pictures and a Video or two.


Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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