Thursday, September 18, 2008

As a Parent of a 6 year old

I would first like to start by saying I'm not one to follow politics. I know that I should, but its something that just drives me crazy.

There is one issue that was just made aware of and I to say the least that I'm floored. Sex Education for five year olds? Is this really necessary? Do I want my children to even have an idea of what sex is at five and six years old? The idea alone makes me sick, and I cant even begin to think about how our children would feel learning about this from a person other than Scott and I about a subject so sensitive as sex.

I remember being eleven and in the fifth grade when sex education was first introduced. We weren't even old enough to understand as the laughter filled the room while our teacher went over pictures on the over head projector. Looking back now I almost feel sorry for her. It's not like she has a choice as to what she teaches. Our tax dollars were paying her to teach what she is told to.

This has always been a subject that weighs heavy on my heart. I was a teen parent and I was doing everything that I was taught to do. Use birth control to prevent pregnancy, condoms to avoid STD's. Oh and there is always the morning after pill if all else fails. Well all 3 failed for me! Would I change any of it... Well no, but still I think we need to take a look at the ways we are teaching our children about sex. What if the schools were to teach abstinence rather than teaching our children how to put condoms on or where girls can go for birth control pills?

Would things have been different for me? That's a hard one to answer I cant even think about not having my children. Plus I spent countless years attending private schools along with that I spent my teen years going to church where abstinence was the only way.

It's something that should be left up to parents to talk to their children about PERIOD. Sex Education shouldn't start until High School there is no need for our babies and yes they are babies at five and six years old. There are still babies at eleven for that matter, and if our children have questions they should be answered by PARENTS!

There will come a day when my children ask I know they will. As parents its our job to make sure our children know its okay to come to us no matter what the subject matter is. I'm sure my kids one day will know that I did get pregnant at eighteen and I wasn't married. It's not the plan that everyone has for their children. I'm sure my parents would have liked to see me go to College, Travel, Get Married, then have children. It just doesn't always work that way. I have the same hopes for my children and I'm sure they will to for theirs. If my children come to me at eighteen and tell me they are either pregnant or their girlfriend is. I might be disappointed, and I know life wont be easy for them. I will always support my children no matter what!

Our family will be teaching abstinence and if one day my children attend a Public School they will teach them what they feel is right. If my children do decide to become sexually active before they are married. Yes they will know about birth control and condoms and the risks that come along with having sex. In hopes that my children make the right decision. I also know that there decision might not be what we want for them.

I can tell you this that my children wont be learning about sex until they are at least thirty if I have anything to do with it!

Oh and someone please tell me why some girls and women as well feel that they can use abortion as a form of birth control? I'm not sure I will ever understand that one.

Here is a link to the video that I watched that got me started on this tangent.
And People cant figure out why we HOMESCHOOL!

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