Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I think I have it Figured Out!

Now I know your all wondering what in the heck I have figured out this time. No its not a better way to stir peanut butter or anything else super cool like that.

Tonight while driving to pick up my Crazy Pills I have been questioning if I really do need them. Then I was reminded of why.....

Avery " Bella look do you see that?"
Bella " See What?"
Avery Crying " Just don't talk to me Bella"

Once we were back on the road after picking up my oh so wonderful crazy pills.

Bella was upset for some reason or another, not sure what started the whole thing in the first place. She starts telling Scott she is going to put him in Jail. After us telling her that it wasn't nice to talk to us the way she was. This went on for about 5 minutes then....

Scott was just done, done with listening to everyone talking over each other.

Scott " Bella that's enough, no more we are cutting this conversation off"
Bella " Don't Cut me with Scissors"
Scott Laughing " Bella I didn't say anything about scissors"
Bella " That's not nice, don't cut me with Scissors"

I am laughing so hard at this point I'm unable to even step in and help out with trying to tell Bella that there wasn't anything said about scissors.

This wonderful child of mine always takes everything to the extreme. I mean ALWAYS.... I'm not sure if its just her or if this is a normal 4 year old thing.

Now we are home getting ready to eat pizza. The kids ask for water Scott gets two cups one is yellow and one is blue. Scott gives Bella the blue cup and well guess what she didn't want the blue cup. Nor did she want to sit on the flower chair that she always sits on. Once we told her that a chair is a chair and water tastes the same no matter what color the cup is. She doesn't stop talking about it.

I take one look at her and say enough is enough.... Sit there on your flower chair, eat your pizza that is on the green plate and drink the darn water in the blue cup!

And she did just that!

I will never again question why I have the need for the CRAZY PILLS.
I am on them because I have 3 wonderful kids who like to drive me CRAZY!

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