Friday, September 26, 2008

Ear Plugs and a Martini Please

I think I might be going crazy.
4:30 I woke up next to my very own personal heater. At first I thought that Chloe was just too hot in her new PJ's figured she would go back to sleep. Not a chance...

The baby is back today who had spent the last two days at home because of a really high fever. Guess what...

Yep Miss Chloe has it too. Our day started with the baby at about 7am and up until now I have had two crying children and two out of control big kids who cant seem to understand the meaning of "Inside Voices".

This might really be it.... I truly believe that I am going crazy. It's not even noon yet and I would give all my teeth for a pair of ear plugs and my right arm for a nice Washington Apple Martini!
I would give my left arm, but right now its being used. Chloe has passed out with her head on my shoulder, her binkie is resting nicely on my clavicle and there is a nice stream of drool running down past my elbow.

Anyone have an extra pair of ear plugs? I wonder if the liquor store delivers?

Until Next Time,
Just call me CRAZY

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