Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sweet Things

Why is it that there are a billion movies for adults on this time of year "Halloween" and really nothing for children? Why cant the It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown be on demand? I'm sure my kids would rather watch that. Other than watching Halloween Dora and Sponge Bob Scary Pants for the nine hundredth time. Anyway while I was trying to find them something to watch I found ET!

I forgot out sweet that movie is. I love the part where Elliott is showing ET things in his room. "The fish eat the food and the shark eats the fish, but nothing eats the shark" Then there is the " This is money, the money goes into the Peanut"

I feel the need for some recess pieces. Did anyone else cry when they watched ET? I sure did I still get a bit teary when I watch it. I guess when my parents way back when went to see it in the theatre there was a little boy sitting next to them who was balling like a baby at the end.

While I'm sitting here talking about movies. I watched the movie Dan in Real Life the other day while my kiddo's were napping. Over all the movie was a bit dumb, but it really made me want to have siblings more than ever. Oh well Scott and I can be the parents who make everyone get together once a year for a week of fun. Where there will be a candy jar with endless recess pieces. I think I might need to run to the store to fix this little craving today. Just think there will be a day I'm really hoping that I'm very old when my kids decide to bring boyfriends and girlfriends home. I hope that I'm almost dead when they decide to get married and have children. Okay so my kids cant date until they are 30 so that would make me well lets see...

Avery 18+30=48
Bella 20+30=50
Chloe 23+30=53

So I wont be old enough maybe I will change their dating age to 50. Then I will be to old to even remember! There goes my whole getting together at some really cool lake cabin once a year with everyone. Lets just hope there is a wheel chair ramp on the house they can just wheel me in. And who knows maybe one of them will have children of their own and the baby and I can share baby food while all the grown ups eat. Second thought maybe I'll stay home and I'll wait for pictures to come in the mail. I'm really an indoor girl who even at 90 wouldn't enjoy a week long stint at a lake. Where there are wild animals and bugs.

Being an only child wasn't any fun. The worst part was when you were given games on Christmas or Birthdays you didn't have anyone to play them with. Pretty Pretty Princess was great only because I used everything for dress up. Who needs to play the game when you can wear all the bracelets and necklaces, top it off with a dumb plastic crown for endless dress up fun!

Is it to late to adopt some brothers and sisters? Maybe I'll just place an ad in the paper asking to join my family. I wonder how many crazy people like me are out there that would even think about replying?

I'm going to go and do something productive now. If I don't post anything tomorrow send a search party to my house. I might be lost in my garage I get to go search for the kids trick or treat bags. I have no idea where they might be I don't remember packing them when we moved and I haven't seen them since last year. If I ever move again I think I'm just going to pack my children and maybe pictures. Sell our house as is with all our crap and just buy new. It would make finding things a snap.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

PS I just love the smell of bacon in the morning! To bad it was from last night. I don't know about you, but the smell of old bacon makes me sick.

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