Friday, May 23, 2008

WOW its been 8 days!

I cant believe that its been 8 long days since I posted a blog.

Over this past weekend we moved my mother. Yes that includes the kids too!

Avery helped by driving in the truck and helping with the "heavy" stuff.
Bella spent the day telling my mother where things would look good in her new place.
Along with asking grandma if she was going to take her bugs (flies) with her.
Chloe spent the day connected to one of those kid leaches that look like a backpack running around like a crazy person and picking up anything she could find on the floor.

Then while we were unloading the truck. The girls were inside playing at grandma's new place with change and matches! I guess what happens at grandma's should stay at grandma's.

Nothing like hearing while packing in loads of stuff "Chloe don't put the matches in your mouth!"
Just what every mother wants to hear.

Sunday was dicks burgers and loads of laundry. My Bella who doesn't eat meat ate a burger maybe she wasn't feeling well.

Monday was Scott's first day at his new job. The kids and I sat at home not knowing what to do after he had been home with us for 3 weeks.
Bella also decided she wanted to "practice being someone else " while sporting a red smiley face sticker between her eyes.

Tuesday was view day at Ballet. It's always so much fun to watch a 3 year old dance it really is such a fun age. One of the best ages, but aren't they all fun? Bella was the demo girl for what make up they all need to wear and how to apply it for the big show in June.

In Avery's words " She looks like a Monster"

Note to self... Remember this when trying to make my little girl look sweet the day of her recital.
Apply more make up than anyone should ever wear.

After Ballet we went to play with the Hocketts. 1.) my kids need to get out more often 2.) Think of a way to make sure they don't move 3.) Remember to make sure they know how much they mean to us all when they do leave. 4.) Do this within the 27 days that they are here. 5.) Try to talk Scott into moving to Virgina 6.) Start saving for a Vacation to Virgina when he tells me we can't move.

Right before bed Avery lost his second tooth!

Wednesday we removed the ugly nonsense molding in the middle of the wall. Knowing under that the wall is red so now it looking like I decided to paint a red stripe in the middle of the wall. Only a few days until the whole wall is painted yellow! Oh and the tooth fairy came.

Yesterday we didn't do too much.

That brings me to today! Its a little after 11am the kids are up playing Chloe just got up from her morning nap. I need to do laundry and pick up the playroom. Everyone is still in Pj's and I'm sure it will remain that way all day! I'm sure I will clean something at some point today.

At some point last week I cant even remember what day. The binkie fairy who is the sister of the tooth fairy made a visit to our house. I am happy to say that Bella no longer has any binkies and is doing GREAT!

Here are a bunch of photos from the week and pictures of that darn wall I was talking about.

Until Next Time,
Just Mom

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