Monday, November 23, 2009

Thinking about a Give Away

Since I was MIA for some time. I'm about 99.9% sure I lost most if not all of my readers that aren't family.

So I'm thinking about doing a give away to get things going again.

What do you think?
Any ideas of a good give away?

So if there are any of you left out there that would like to see something FUN and WONDERFUL given away please leave me a comment!

Until Next Time,


Anonymous said...

Well you don't HAVE to give me ANYTHING. :) I have tried to keep following you and reconnected/re-followed you after finding your link in an old post. ;) You were GONE soooooooo long! :(

Anyway, I will promote your blog on my blogroll - maybe that'll help and I'll also put you in an entry. Your link and everything. :)

Did you ever check out the free template mama thing on my blog. I got some COOL templates from her which I've used on two of my blogs. :)

So I hope you have a wonnerful day.

Just call me MOM said...

RIGHT ON!!! Thanks for hanging in there!
I will check out your blog tonight after dinner. I know mine needs some updating for sure.