Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who is Ready?

To risk your life to save some money this holiday season?

Here I sit on Thanksgiving EVE thinking about how many people out there are going to be taking a nap, or maybe just going to bed early. To wake up in time to stand in line to take advantage of those great black Friday sales?

Last year a few people died either by being stomped to death or being shot by a crazed black Friday shopper.

For me it's simple I'll wait like I always do and shop just days before Christmas. For one because I'm just not that organized for two that's how I like to roll. For the most part I'm easy going and I don't get all worked up over little things. I mean I have had my moments, but it's fun to watch people in their crazy Christmas freak outs. I almost live for it...

By the time we are done standing in lines at Toys R Us, Target and where ever else we ended up needing to shop that day. I promise myself every year that I will NEVER EVER wait until the last minute.

As always here I am again not even really thinking about what Santa will be bringing. For me it's simple the kids tell me what they want and I try to make it happen. If I cant find everything they want whatever ends up being under the tree always seems to make them happy. Well all but one year all Avery wanted was a crane truck. I spent MONTHS searching for one and it turns out that not a single store had them, people weren't making them. That was 3 years ago and NOW that he no longer is into cars and trucks they are all over the place.


So whats your plan for Black Friday? Our family spends the Friday after Thanksgiving cutting down our Christmas Tree and decorating for Santa.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Anonymous said...

I'm staying home - just like Christmas Eve ... I don't go ANYWHERE - if I can help it.
What I love about shopping for things early - is not having to spend HOURS on Christmas Eve. ALL that wrapping ... UGH! I just wrapped a few Christmas presents today in fact. :) I have a couple fam members with birthdays close to Christmas ... God bless!