Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting into the Swing of Things

We have spent the last week or so trying to get into the Swing of things.

While we wait for our Sonlight Shipment the kids have been working from a few workbooks we picked up. The first few days that we were doing school work here at home were a bit rough. Miss Chloe wanted to be held or she would find anything to stand on to be able to climb onto the table. Where she would sit trying to make herself look cute by saying "Hi" over and over again so she wouldn't get into trouble for being on the table. Yesterday she sat in her high chair pulled up to the table and colored in her new coloring book for over an hour!

Both Avery and Bella cant wait for that Sonlight box to show up. We were talking about the books and what we were going to be learning this year. Lets just say that its going to be like Christmas when it shows up.

I have been cleaning like a crazy person. All I have to say is my meds must be working. If you are reading this most of you know me well enough to know that I hate I mean really HATE cleaning. Even my kids when I start deep cleaning they ask " Who's coming over". If its the last thing I do I'm going to get this house in tip top shape before we really start school for the year. I had the kids helping yesterday. The whole second floor is spotless!

What else is new here since I haven't spent anytime blogging as of late. This past Friday we headed up to Seattle for hair cuts and to pick up Grandma. After we got Grandma we went to toys r us so Avery could get his birthday gift that he had been waiting forever for. We weren't even in the door 2 minutes when Bella walked by a shelf and a Wooden Toy Chest fell on her foot. The screaming, Blood and the way her toe turned black and blue and grew 3 times its normal size. We had to wait with the screaming and bleeding child for almost 45 minutes while good old Toys R Us too their sweet time trying to find the Incident Report paperwork. Don't even get me started on the lady from Personal Injury who we are dealing with. Poor Bella still cant put shoes on. We took her to see Dr. T once I filled out our paperwork. It isn't broken but it is really badly bruised and shes going to end up loosing her big toe nail. There goes her foot modeling career.

Only Kidding!

I should run the kids have made a mess out of my "clean" second floor and Avery let Chloe have his blue mouth wash and she now looks like the girl who turned into the blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The kitten has been named after a few weeks of just calling him "The Kitten" He is now Oscar, but last night Bella had a great idea! She thought we should call him Fruit. I really hope that one doesn't stick.

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