Friday, March 6, 2009

Foto Finish Friday

For the last few months anytime I ask Chloe to smile for a picture this is what I get.

Bad Hair Day? Nope this is just normal after going down the slide!
Ever Wonder what to do with the box that is always in your way when your eating at Red Robin?

Step 1: Open it

Step 2: Place it on your head!
Don't forget to check out Candid Carrie to play along in Foto Finish Friday
Until Next Time,
Just MOM


Miz Dinah said... the picture of the static-hair.

This Mom said...

I have a static hair picture for my son from the other day. he got it playing on our trapoline.

I love it.

lmerie said...

Cute and FUN shots! Love the tongue in the smile pic!

Candid Carrie said...

Those are adorable pictures! And I'll agree, it is really irritating to go out to eat and have advertising the size of billboards in your booth! Really, we are already at the restaurant ... do you need to continue advertising?