Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cheating Tiger, Hidden Mistress

Once upon a time I dreamed of being the wife of the great Tiger Woods. Mistress
Every detail of our wedding covered by Oprah in a week long special.
A picture of us together after he won the PGA tour.
Us together holding my baby bump on the cover of people.

Many Many Years ago this was a dream of mine. I'm just glad that I some how managed to pull my head out of the clouds. Then I met Mr. Montana!

While I don't see meeting Oprah in my near future or making it on the cover of people anytime soon. I am SO thankful that my dream of being Mrs. Wood never came true.

A part of me feels bad for him and his wife. I know he did it to himself, but I'm sure that his wife doesn't like the fact that their life's issues is making it on the cover of every magazine and having a TMZ report every night.

Dear Mr. Woods,

While I'm thankful that our lives only cross paths in the check out line at my local shopping establishment. I do hope that for your child's sake you pull yourself together.

I do have to say that I don't blame your wife for anything said or done. If it were me I would be taking MY Taylor Made to your.... Well I would be taking it to anything I could find.

~Your once Future Wife

Dear Mrs. Woods,

What are you doing? RUN RUN RUN milk him for everything he has and get the heck out of there. Is it really worth it?

~Taylor Made

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Anonymous said...

I think his MIL is going to take care of his soon to be (x) wifie ... uGh - what a MESS!