Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Crazy Nightmarish People, Feeling Thankful I don't work Retail

Scratching my head while in line at Toys R Us wondering what people think it's going to be like shopping only 4 days before Christmas. I always repair myself knowing fully well that a line is going to be the place I spend most my time while Christmas Shopping.

With a smile on my face I ask the person at check out how their day is going. 90% of the time I end up apologizing for the stupid person who just happened to be in front of us for yelling or being rude to them. Remind them that the Holidays are almost over and people will go back to their normal rudeness in just a matter of days.

Then you have the wonderful, kind hearted and just plain sweet people you meet while trying to find that perfect barbie. You know the kind of people you wish that you could just shrink, stuff in your pocket to take home. I like to call these people GRANDPARENTS. I'm not saying that all of them are sweet, easy going and bring along their patients. But for the most part they are having a fun time finding last minute gifts for their lovable grand babies.

With only 3 sleeps left until Christmas I do have to say that I am way a head of the game as far as shopping goes. I'm just about done... last minute stalking stuffer's and the normal socks and undies to pick up for the kiddo's. This is the first year in I don't know how long that My mother and I were the only ones from this house out shopping. Last year Chloe in her PJ's joined us for the madness knowing that she wouldn't remember the things we picked up for her.

I'm beyond thankful I was able to walk out the door last night leaving my stuffed up, temper tantrum throwing children at home. You would think that yesterday wouldn't have been as bad as it was. Seeing that my children cant seem to stop worrying about if they made it onto Santa's nice list.

It's been weeks and weeks of threats from the big kids to each other about calling 1-800-Santa to let him know that they have been naughty. It was so bad the other night that I was forced to let them know that I was about to call Santa myself so he could put them both on the "LIST".

On a serious note for my readers....
There is a list that I would love for you to put our family on if you wouldn't mind.
Our family received some not so great news last week. While I'm not going to go into detail on here because of the sensitivity of the issue. Please keep our family in your prayers over the next few months. My aunt went in a few weeks ago to have something very simple and routine taking care of that ended up being much more serious than that. So if you wouldn't mind keeping her, and her family in your prayers that would be wonderful.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for your aunt.

I'm glad you're surviving the x-mas season.

SPOILER TO KIDS ALERT - I never did the whole santa claus thing b'c I felt I was lied to by my parents so when my 3 year old asked me - "Is there a Santa - yes or no?" I told her the truth - which I'm not typing here b'c of the sensitivity of little eyes. So you may delete this comment after you read it. So from then on Santa was someone who was mythical we got toys from and not a BAD guy we ratted the kids out to. :(

And I DO LOVE the way you spelt stalkings .... :) God bless you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!