Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Lost Taylor

First off No I have not died from any sewing related injuries (Yet)

Things have been crazy busy as always in the life of Taylor. The kids keep me super busy and not only that this whole new June Cleaver mom thing has thrown me into overdrive.

After weeks of sewing and cleaning and keeping up with 3 kids the snow hit. We live in the greater Puget sound area it doesn't snow here. So thanks to mother nature my Christmas shopping was a total mess. Mr. Montana was out of town the week before Christmas while my lovely mom mobile was stuck in the driveway. Even if I could have backed out of my driveway I wouldn't have gone anywhere anyway. You couldn't have paid me to drive in the snow. Its not that I don't trust myself its everyone else out there its not like everyone else out there on the road cares about my precious cargo.

Dear anyone who knew we wanted to get a Wii for Avery (Mr.Montana) for Christmas. Um HELLO why didn't you people bother to tell me that this was going to be a hard to find item. EVERYONE was SOLD OUT. I guess it was kinda my fault too it didn't process in my lovely mom brain that while looking at stores they never seemed to have any. So its not all your fault, but come on if you know me you should know that sometimes its imperative that you point things out.

Mr. Montana and my Mother who I'm thinking about starting to refer to her as the crazy cat lady started and finished Christmas Shopping on Christmas Eve just moments before Toys R US Closed. And to my surprise Avery said nothing Christmas morning about the Wii. It wasn't until the next day he started asking about it.

I am happy to say that we are now the proud owners of a Wii and I have lost my 6 year old and my man child to it. New Years eve Mr. Montana even came home early from work to play. I figured I would give it a few days before I go into mom mode and lay down the law and set some rules for playing and the amount of time spent on the darn thing. As for now I will let them have some fun and who knows maybe I will get to spend some time in my NEW SEWING ROOM!!!!

I was told it was my Christmas present that I Taylor would get my very own Sewing room a place to call my own. Then I was told I get to be the one to clean it out of all the kid crap that had been collecting in there. Lucky ME!!!! Not even 24 hours later the catch all room/former bedroom of Chloe's was all MINE. Now I cant say that I have been able to sew yet. Just the idea of having a room that I get to toss all my crap all over the place and not have to figure out where my family is going to eat their next meal is just PRICELESS!!!

With all the time I spent sewing in December and dealing with Snow. I found out how much I hate COMCAST. So for all of you who have wondered where in the heck I have been or if you have been trying to call us. I have two words for ya COMCAST SUCKS. They will be out Monday to replace our phone box and we will be given a new number. So for all of those who were waiting for my Merry Christmas Phone call.... I'm sorry I was planning on calling I really was I wasn't being lame and I didn't forget about you. It was COMCAST and they SUCK. Oh and I no longer have the email address I had before I will talk to them at some point and pray that there is some reason they can give me the same one again. Just in case they wont or cant I will spend the next few days trying to come up with something fun and new for my possible new email address.

Thank Goodness I have the net back it was as if I was cut off from all of the world. I could live without a phone, but no net is like dying a slow and painful death. Maybe I should let COMCAST know they almost killed me.

Any who for those who missed this....
Merry Christmas EVE EVE
Merry Christmas EVE
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year

Oh yeah and I know I have always been good about sending out Christmas Cards with Updates on the kiddo's with some super mom cute picture that only a mother could truly love. I didn't forget. I will at some point in 2009 get out Happy New Year cards with a 2008 review so don't worry you didn't miss my boring updates. You will be forced to read them soon.... And for those who don't read them I will find out.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM


Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Taylor - We heard about the Seattle snow and thought how lucky the kids were to play in the snow. Adults, not so lucky. Hope things are back to normal now. We enjoyed our holidays, busy but enjoyable. Send letter soon, I love reading family updates! with love, Ann

Bevy said...

Well I agree with you about Comcast - how about Verizon? ;) We're on their wireless thingy and phone. It's not too expensive and we have Dish Network for the t.v. thingy.
That SNOW was crazy - I live north of you ... and I made my hubby drive me around in our 4 wheel. :) I only started driving last week when most of it melted and then it snowed last nite - but it sure looked lovely huh? CONGRATS on your sewing room! WOOHOOT!