Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sewing Until My Fingers Bleed

I have spent the last week sewing like a crazy person with minimal sleep and consuming more coffee in a day then most people do in a lifetime.

While I sit here trying to wake up enough to pull out my sewing machine and find what little ounce of creative inspiration I have left I figured that I would blog. Something I haven't done in well over a week.

I have to force myself today to sew the last of the aprons and construct a super cute little sign for our booth. I have a feeling that I will not be sleeping tonight....

Yesterday I put all my kiddo's down for a nap with the plan to sew and get as much done as I could before everyone was up. I poured myself a nice cup of coffee sat down and attempted to thread the needle. I was running on two pots of coffee and less than 4 hours of sleep when I realized that there was no way I could sew a straight line when I couldn't even see straight to put the darn thread in the needle. I figured that maybe I would try closing one eye so I was no longer crossed eyed when I gave up and headed to my room for a much needed nap.

As of 2am today we have 27 aprons done and only 23 more to go...

I should walk away from the computer sew myself some gloves with thimbles at the end of every finger and force myself to only take potty breaks every 10 hours and turn my kitchen table into a sweat shop and sew until I cant see straight. My children are lucky that we don't own another sewing machine because I would be practicing Child Slave Labor for sure.

Only 46 hours until the Holiday Bazaar Starts.... I think we might go crazy before then.

Until Next Time,
One Tired MOM

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