Friday, January 2, 2009

denim dilemma

I have a huge problem a Denim Dilemma.

You would think that I would be more than happy to report that the weight I have lost in the past months. Maybe I be more than happy to say that I am now able to wear all the lovely clothes I have been dying to wear for years now.

Not So Much

So now I get to spend the next few weeks dealing with pants that are far to huge to avoid a constant case of butt crack. When before I just had to make sure that the shirt I had on didn't accent the oh so lovely Muffin top.

A few weeks ago I attempted to fold myself into my pre-baby super cute pants I wore in High School that I wasn't ever able to get rid of. Knowing that one day I would be sporting a super hot body again. Tonight I decided to try to force my hips and back end into them again. I am happy to say that I was able to get them on and wear them for a few minutes away before the pain started. Now I wish that I wouldn't have been so anti stretch jeans pre-children or I'm sure they would have fit.

While I was putting the kids clothes away I had another idea. Why cant they just put adjustable waste bands in Adults pants then my super fat jeans would still fit. I know I know I could just wear a belt, but I have never been a belt girl. The idea of a belt just makes me think about how much harder it would be to make a quick bathroom trip a few minutes longer. Right now I'm lucky if while out in public I get a chance to get into the stall unbutton my pants go to the bathroom and have a chance to pull my pants up before Bella or Chloe open the door. A belt would cause HUGE problems I'm sure. My Children would be running all over the bathroom touching EVERYTHING all the while I'm trying to tighten a belt.

So for now I will deal with wearing sweat pants that need to be rolled down a billion times just so they will stay up while I try to do a few things around the house. If I am forced to leave I will put on a pair of my huge pants along with a warning sign on my back letting people know....


Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Bevy said...

ya - being anti stretch is a BAD thing when you are young. I did LOL at the comment "be4 the pain started!" I can just imagine and I have experienced that pain b4 too. ;) Happy denim fixing. I think the small elastic things on the waistband is a great idea. I have quite a few skirts like that - the elastic is only about 3" or so long and serves it's purpose really well.