Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Donald R Capstick

Class of 1930 Horseshoe Altoona High School. Donald R Capstick pictured bottom left.
On October 21, 1910 you became a Son and a Brother.
Shortly after High School you met your one and only love. And you waited...
Once Margie turned 18 you became a Husband and a Father to Donald Capstick Jr.
You survived World War II and became a Hero.
You retired from the United States Army as a Lieutenant Colonel.
On December 28, 1959 you became a Grandfather for the first time to Faith Wynn Capstick. Less than 2 years later you welcomed your second Granddaughter Robin Amy Capstick on November 2, 1961. They spent Summers with you filled with swimming trips and great vacation stories.
September 14, 1983 you became my Hero!
This was the day you became a Great Grandfather my Great Grandfather.
The 12 short years that we spent together were some of the best years. Great memories were created some that I will never forget.
I remember it like it was yesterday. Mom and I would come to visit you in Spokane from Seattle arriving many hours past my bedtime. You would greet us at the door with the smell of coffee for mom. While she unloaded the car you treated me to a maple bar and a root beer float.
Before going to bed I checked out the fridge that was always filled with my favorite foods that you had picked up just for me. You always took a trip to the commissary the morning before we arrived.
Mornings were filled with shredded wheat cereal with a sliced banana sprinkled with a bit of sugar. We played Go Fish for hours and for some reason you always knew I would need the calculator with a fresh roll of paper.
On one trip to your house you gave Mom and Amy brand new cars. You were worried I would feel left out so you took an early morning trip to the PX and picked me up a pink and white bike with a super cool banana seat. You always knew just what I wanted as if I had picked it out myself. You watched for hours as I rode my new bike in your driveway.
I loved visits to your house during the spring. Snap Dragon's lined your house I couldn't help, but pick them. We watched the birds eat from the front window of your house you always had fresh bread crumbs for them. On one of our Spring visits you took me out to the PX with you. I feel in love with a jacket I didn't even have to ask. You pulled it off the rack and we took it home. The next morning I woke up to the same Jacket in every color they had. You had snuck back out to the PX before we woke up.
Don't get me wrong it wasn't the things you would buy for me it was always the thought behind it. Like the time I had this one pair of shoes you found the same ones on base and knowing how much I loved them. You figured that I needed them in the next two sizes.
You always held the car door open for me anywhere we went. You talked of my black eyes that looked just like Margie's. One day while watching cartoons you walked into the room to catch me twirling my hair just like she did. You always told me that I reminded you of her and how much she would have loved me.
Mom, Amy and Myself moved you closer to us in Seattle. Figured that you needed to be closer to family. I was so grateful of the years I got to spend countless days with you. Not just weekends here and there. Go Fish was still played almost daily you always had maple bars and you showed me how to make the perfect root beer float.
You spent 84 years on this earth. Your passing was sudden and not expected, you waited for us girls to say goodbye. I held your hand and told you how much I loved you. I cried and kissed you one last time. You passed away on September 24, 1994 you were laid to rest next to your one and only love. You gave me one of the greatest gifts ever. I will never forget our trip to Washington DC. A city so beautiful and filled with so much history. I know I complained the day of your funeral. I'm sure you understand dresses were never my thing. Plus it was the hottest September in years I was wearing heels without tights and feet hurt. I jumped every time the guns went off during your 21 gun salute. My heart felt as though it was torn into pieces when I was handed the flag. Until that moment it didn't seem real....
You were the most amazing man I had ever met...
I often wish that you could have lived to meet my babies. They would have loved you. You would have loved them. I tell them stories about their Great Great Grandfather and show them photos. They don't really understand, but one day I hope they will tell their children about you.
I live for the day we can venture back to Washington DC show them the sights and bring them to your resting place at Arlington National Cemetery. Don't worry we will all wear pants and good waking shoes.
Thank You for the wonderful years we spent together, the memories created, and the stories you shared.
I love you and miss you, but I know you are watching over us.
With All My Love,

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Bevy said...

So detailed and so loving - sounds like a wonnerful man.
God bless you