Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I gave the shower a good scrub down today. I showered myself then I went into a cleaning rampage! Maybe cleaning the shower really does sets the tone for the day...

After the shower I moved onto sweeping the bathroom floors with every intention of moping the floors. I never did get to that, but I cleaned my room. That included making the bed, sweeping the floors and forcing my children to remove every single last toy they had in our room. I even washed Daisy's dog bed's.

Then I told the big kids that if they helped me pick up the family room and put all their toys away we could hit the park after naps. I only had to threaten with tossing toys in the trash a few times!

OMG I cleaned almost the whole first floor of my house. If only there were a few more hours in my day I would have been able to get to the kids rooms, playroom and my sewing room.

The sewing room was clean until the moment I was in the shower cleaning it. When Bella and Chloe decided to do a little sewing. In other words there is fabric tossed all over the place.

Who knows maybe one day I will get my whole house cleaned at once.

Mr. Montana was surprised on how much I got done today. To think its almost 9pm now and I'm not even close to being ready for bed. I think there might be some Wii playing in my future tonight!!!!

Until Next Time,
One Rockin' MOM

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Bevy said...

Like you NEED wii after that whirlwind of activity. They SAY that if you do housework - NOW it counts as exercise - not very exciting though ... except the end result.
Good for you! :) I wonder if you'll attack the rest of the house today - or you're too sore. :) I would be.