Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Plan

Mop Floors


Clean Kitchen

Eat Lunch

Force All Children to NAP ( so I can play the Wii )

Blog at some point

Do Laundry all day (Cause I'm just that Cool)

Maybe attack Clothes Mountain

Go for a walk 12 hours from now in the cold while suffering from hypothermia for the second night in a row!

So that's my plan!
Anyone care to join me in my cleaning adventure?

It's already 11:30 I'm sure I'm not going to get everything done but at least its a plan right?

1 comment:

Bevy said...

Looks like a good plan - I'll join you in that walk - but at night I'm not too crazy about the time. I will take a walk about 3 today - b'c it's NOT snowing. :) And it's pretty warm out.
Looks like a fun day - don't you hate that when the dryer and washer have been idle for hours and you MEANT to do laundry all day? :) Make the kids help!