Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Biggest Fear

For some reason I worry that one day one of my children will be on a date, or even worse meeting their future In-laws sitting down for a nice meal....

When it happens.....

Chewing with their mouth open, and deciding that whatever they want to talk about cant wait until they swallow.

I guess I don't have to worry about them making it to meet the In-Laws if they have sat down to dinner with the boyfriend or girlfriend before hand. I sure as heck wouldn't have taken a boy home that couldn't chew with his mouth closed or wait to talk until the food he just shoved into his mouth was gone.

I know for a fact that my children will never do this. I think from the moment they were born I have been reminding them to chew with their mouth closed and telling them that whatever they need to say can wait until they are done chewing.

Last night after deciding that cooking wasn't in the future for the evening. We decided to go out for dinner. Not that we were eating at some 5 star restaurant or anything, but still there is nothing worse than what I'm about to tell you.

The restaurant was filled with older people who looked at us like we were crazy for bring our children in. My kids were laughing and having fun. I'm sure they were a bit excited to be out of the house for the first time in a few days.

The people who were sitting at the table that I just happened to be facing left. Sweet one table down only 9 billion more to go until we have cleared a place out with our children who are just having way to much fun.

So here comes a family of 4.... Two adult and two children, and by children I mean the youngest had to have been around 11 or so and then a teenage boy. We had just ordered, when I felt like I was being watched. This is something I hate more than anything... I really cant stand it when we are out to eat and people watch me eat. That's when I always seem to spill something down my shirt or do something just as lame and embarrassing.

The family of 4 were handed their plates just moments after we got ours. I had just sat down after getting the kids settled and their food cut. When my entire meal was a total loss....

The teenage boy sat right across from me. There was no way to avoid looking at their table. There was this huge space between my husband and my daughter I couldn't help but look. As I took a bite of my pancakes when....

He took a bite of his salad, chewed it up while having his mouth open the whole time. Just when I thought that he was going to swallow and go in for the next bite he SPIT THE WHOLE BITE OUT THAT WAS IN HIS MOUTH ONTO THE SAME PLATE HE WAS EATING OUT OF.
He did this with the whole salad, fries and his Burger.

I have to say that I don't remember the last time I was so grossed out over something. If it would have been my kid doing that. They would have been asked to leave the table and told they could wait in the car until we were done. What is wrong with people?

I wanted to walk over to the mother and fill her in on a little secret. If she doesn't teach her child some manners he will live at home FOREVER.

Well it would never get to that point with my children because even at 6,4 and 2 they wouldn't do it now.

I couldn't help, but share this lovely dinner outing with all of you. I really wish I would have cooked last night....

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Anonymous said...

A teen spitting food out like that - what's up with that?
Just shows some really lousy parenting!