Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I had a lap in judgment yesterday, maybe it was because I thought that Mr. Montana was going to be home at some point in time last night. Figured that since he is the first one up that it wasn't something I would have to worry about.

Yesterday I decided to give our ultra stinky dog a bath. I truly cant stand giving my sweet 100 pound baby a bath. Daisy is worlds best dog who turns into a living statue as soon as she hears the word bath.

Our shower was in need of a bath as well so I figured before I gave it the scrub down that I should scrub the dog. Minutes ago I went up pulled a towel out of Clothes Mountain along with a pair of pants and a shirt for myself. Walked into my bathroom then I remembered.

I never got around to scrubbing my shower yesterday after giving Daisy a bath.

I'm guessing that Mr. Montana's reply for this would be... Maybe you should have cleaned the bathroom last night after the kids were in bed instead of playing the Wii into the Wee Hours.

I'm not sure if the whole forgetting that I needed to do it will work. Since I do need to walk past the shower to get to the closet to put on my Pj's. Really I did forget! It slipped my mind it really truly did.

Why do I do this to myself? Now I get to spend the next I don't know how long cleaning a shower before I can clean myself. For a person who feels that Cleaning is overrated what a way to start a morning. Maybe cleaning a shower will set the tone for the day. You know like when you make your bed it supposedly set the tone. Maybe I will end up cleaning like a crazy person and Mr. Montana will be forced to walk back outside after he gets home to check if he is at the right house.

A girl can dream right?

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Anonymous said...

This was very cute. I HATE cleaning - but I believe that is b'c cleaning requires REQUIRES energy .. who the heck as ANY of that. I cleaned my bathroom LAST week for the first time in ... I can't tell you that ... and TODAY I actually did a quick wash down - VERY amazing - I love Lysol spray ... And I cleaned the toitee - even though it didn't technically NEED it ...
So bravo and I hope that your hubby came home and had to check the house numbers. :)