Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Torn

Okay first off I would like to start this by saying I was a true fan of Sex in the City. After watching countless re-runs On Demand I was forced to find something else to entertain myself during the late evening hours once the kiddo's were in bed.

At first I got hooked on Big Love and well I couldn't get enough. It even sent me into a bit of research on the whole plural marriage thing too. Not because Mr. Montana will be looking for a second wife anytime soon, but because I really had no clue how many families live like that.... I'm still speechless on that subject.

Then I moved onto Tell Me You Love Me also on HBO On Demand. I loved the show, but I guess I was the only one. It was canceled after the first season....I'm still dying to know if Hugo and Jamie ended up getting married. I want to know if Katie and David were able to connect again on a "Husband & Wife" level. I really hope that Carolyn and Palek were able to save their marriage.

Moving on....

Then Mr. Montana and I got into Weeds a few seasons late, but were able to catch up with everything Thanks to HBO On Demand. No there are no future plans for owning a maternity shop with a tunnel running to Mexico yet. Then one day I was checking out a few of the other series on Showtime when I came across The L Word....

If you haven't heard of Google it! It's the best show ever and I'm tellin' ya for a woman who is married to a man and has 3 children. Shane is HOT!!!!
Now this is why I am torn... I am 110% in love with both Big Love and The L Word. Big Love makes its season premiere Sunday on HBO at 9pm. While at the very same time, but on Showtime The L Word premiers its finial season AT THE SAME TIME.

This is when I wish I had a DVR or a Tivo.

Maybe I will just go out and buy a new pair of shoes and the shoes will help me decide what show to watch.

Oh I hope they will be On demand. I might be forced to go to bed and not watch either so then I'm not turning my back on one while watching the other.

I think HBO and Showtime HATE ME... Its a big conspiracy against ME Taylor Frickin Frances!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched "Once and Again" - it was on t.v in the late 90's ... it was a really cool dissection of divorced and then remarried couples (to someone else).
I have the dvd's of the 1st 2 seasons and watch them sometimes.
Here's to entertainment. I watched The Big Chill last nite - OLDE movie. :)