Friday, January 30, 2009

Foto Finish Friday

I took this picture of my sweet Bella, who was only a few weeks old at the time. I had placed her in Avery's Chair so she could watch us while we were playing in his room.
When I picked the pictures up from Costco the man who handed me the pictures. Laughed and said what a great photo of your daughter. I replied with Thank You so much. While I sat there flipping through the photo's I noticed what he was talking about.

Here I thought that I was taking this super sweet photo of my baby girl sitting in her big brothers chair. I cant believe I never noticed her finger.

Bella is now 4 years old. I cant get over how fast they grow up. Lets just hope she doesn't repeat what she is doing in this picture ever!

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Until Next Time,
Just MOM


Bevy said...

Oh pusha! Doesn't matter. She's a baby and altho we may see that as a bad thing - she's hardly aware of what the heck her hand or finger is doing. She just says - Mom - what are you DOING? Didn't you need to hold me or feed me or just love me???? ;)

cat said...

Oh that is a cute little oops! She was adorable. Now I will check out the rest of your bog hoping to find a picture of how she looks today. And so that I can continue listening to "Cocaine"!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

she's too cute to do that...LOL
O and I agree with your post about Jon & Kate...

Anonymous said...
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Ann On and On... said...

Total LOL! I was also remarking on how cute she is...until the bird went flying. Then it was a priceless- cute photo.