Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog Envy

I am still somewhat new to the whole world of blogging, but there are a few blogs that I do follow on a somewhat regular basis. All I have to say is that today I am suffering from Blog Envy....

Its been years since I was this envious of people. Shortly after my sweet Bella was born I started suffering from Stroller envy. While I was pushing around the stroller that was top of the line the BMW of strollers when my son was born. Well it was no longer that BMW of Strollers, but was now the ford focus of strollers. The plan was to save money and the stroller did it's job so there was no need for a new one. I couldn't help, but drool when someone with the newest and greatest stroller walked by. I was lucky enough to be able to upgrade when Chloe was born only because the other one had been used and I had a feeling if I placed my sweet baby in it that the darn thing would just fall apart...

So I got a bit side tracked there for a minute. Oh yeah Blog envy......

Yes I have a myspace and I have managed to make it cute and fun I have added tunes and well I am able to check my mail without a problem. Now as for my blog I'm lucky I was able to make everything Pink and Black without totally messing things up.

I'm jealous 125% jealous of every ones super cute blogs. Everyone has great graphics and fun colors and well I'm feeling like mine doesn't belong. I have no idea how to make it fun or cute nor can I pay some of these people who are asking an arm and a leg to do so. Sorry cute blog makers I am not able to sell you my first born. While there are days its all I can do not to sell him and the other children on EBay.

I guess I will be suffering from Blog envy until I get up the guts to try to make it cute myself. I guess you will know if I have attempted because one day you will come to check out the blog and well there wont be one here. I can almost promise you that if I do it myself I will end up deleting EVERYTHING.

I know I'm just that Good!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Bevy said...

I KNOW what you mean about strollers - here I am 53 and I still look at them with envy and covetousness! :) LOL!
As for PAYING for a layout ... are they NUTS? I'm never NEVER doing that. I've made the most of my layout - and I've tweaked it to NO end. I've also discovered that I can upload a top photos and not check the "shrink to fit" box and it's HUMONGOUS which may be difficult for loading - but it just looks so much nicer than the itsy bitsy pic that usually resulted from the download.
I think yours looks really nice and it's MORE the words than the layout - I've found some to be REALLY boring - but FANTASTIC LAYOUT - now IF layout WILL KEEp PEOPLE than do it - but I say - it doesn't ... :)