Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hi My Name is Taylor

and I'm addicted to....

Caffeine in any form, Shoes, Handbags, Chocolate, Sewing, Shopping, and playing the Wii.

I have been sober for.... Okay never.

I have had my Caffeine addiction for a good 10 years. Shoes for as long as I can remember. The handbag addiction started when I was 5 sitting in the mall having a nice temper tantrum when I pulled my two bottom teeth out. Blood pouring everywhere I was still screaming people were looking at my mother as if she was beating me.

All of this over darn Valentine cards.

Chocolate is my weakness always has been and I'm sure always will be. I have worked in a Chocolate Shop and I'm thinking I should own one. Maybe that isn't a good idea I wouldn't have a chance to sell any because I would be eating the product. I would end up being the size of a house and would never be able to leave.

Sewing is one of the newer addictions and well I don't think it will be stopping anytime soon.

Shopping well I'm a girl who loves to accessorize. This also feeds the handbag and shoe addiction.

The Wii is the devil and whoever decided that we needed to have one should be placed in a padded room for thinking it was okay for us to have one in the house.

While non of my addictions have stopped I do have to say I have been able to alter them a bit to allow time and money for other addictions.

I feed my caffeine addiction at home no longer paying almost 5 bucks a cup at Starbucks. This allows for me to buy fabric to feed the sewing addiction. As for the Handbag and Shoe problem I only buy knock offs you know the good ones so I am able to have more and not feel guilty when only paying $50-$100 each when the alternative would require me to take out a nice size bank loan. Right now I'm sporting a $10 super cute old navy bag while wearing my mom clogs that only cost me okay $150. They allow me to appear taller without being forced to risk breaking an ankle in heels.

Since leaving the Chocolate shop it has been sold, ran into the ground and is no longer in business. So I have had to depend on Peanut Butter cups and KitKats over the years. My pallet missing Fremont Gold Cups that had the most perfect balance of White Chocolate and Peanut Butter that I have attempted many times to recreate.

As for the Wii it's still too new for me to be able to find an alternate option.

I should be shipped off, placed in a padded room subject to hours of shock therapy.


I could get a JOB.

I like the first option better!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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