Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have always been a fan of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

Until last night...

I know that this will only last a day or two, maybe a week at the most.

I'm not sure how I didn't see it before or figure it out for that matter. I have been known to be a bit slow when it comes to catching onto things. This time it didn't take a few minutes it took a few years.

I started to Question when they spent time in Hawaii. The BIG question being....

How much does TLC pay them?

I never see Jon leaving for work anymore, and Kate is a stay at home mom. You would have to be with 8 kids, but how can they live without Jon working.

They spent what two weeks in N.C. in a huge beach house where there was a private pool and they had a full time nanny to help with the kids. All the kids had private swimming lessons daily, and well my list could go on.

Now I knew that they were looking for a new house. I had no idea how much HOUSE they were looking for.

Jon and Kate's new bedroom is the size of my whole first floor. And I have a little feeling that my entire house could fit into their first floor. They have their own pool and TONS and I mean TONS of acreage.

I would give my teeth to have the acreage, but having a huge house like that means a ton of cleaning. Well you know my views on that....

I guess my issue is how does someone afford at least a million dollar home? When you have a stay at home mom and a dad who is never seen working anymore. I'm sorry, but JON is always always home and 10 people to feed.

My plan for this year is to get knocked up with 6 babies and get my own TV show. My plan for next year is to buy a huge house and pay people to clean it for me!

I'm dying to know how much they are getting from TLC. Plus what happens when people stop watching them, and the show is canceled?

Until Next Time,

Just MOM


Bevy said...

I saw that too - that house NEVER stops - IT'S humongous ... I would never want that big of a house! Esp. with the children so small and trying to keep track of all of them - 4 year olds still get out of site and do - who knows what. Maybe write the show and ask that question. I think that the Dad doesn't HAVE to work anymore - since he's never gone.
Actually, if you think about it - it's a sweet deal b'c they can raise them together.
I watched a earlier show of them talking - like from the beginning and they wanted to start the show to document the progress of the family. Another fave of mine is "18 children and growing" - LOVE that one. :) Oh and I bet it's about a million a year - AT LEAST!

Bevy said...

Here's what a friend of mine who watches them ALL THE TIME and loves the show said: "One of the shows did talk about him quitting the job they had and doing some work from home. It's on in reruns all the time so I'm sure they're quite wealthy from it. They also published a book with Zondervan."