Saturday, January 17, 2009

Once Upon a Time

I wanted to go on a Cruise. Now I don't think there is enough money in the world to pay me to step foot on one.

I don't want to end up in the headlines. Mom of 3 missing from Cruise Ship last seen....

Then it will be left up to Mr. Montana to find a picture of me so the FBI and whom ever else can post it all over the new,web and papers. No thank you I will be staying on dry land.

Maybe I will sit down with everyone and point out what pictures would be okay to use if I were to ever go missing. The last thing I want is to have some horrid photo of me all over the news. I'm sure people wouldn't think twice about trying to find me. If I was some crazy messed up haired lady with no make up on giving one of my hurry up, and take the darn photo smiles.

Now as far as flying to a Vacation destination anytime soon. I think I will take a rain check as well.

If flying the first day planes were up in the air after September 11 dealing with everything I dealt with that day. Nothing like having an FBI agent wish you a Happy 18Th Birthday. I guess I should have known before asking the question I did. " How did you know it was my birthday?" he followed with " Miss Rucker we know everything about everyone on this flight." It was at that point I proceeded to freak out and think if going all the way to LA for a tattoo on my 18Th birthday was really worth it. We were grounded for many hours and yes I was one of the few people who got back on the plane. It's not like I had another option... I guess I could have walked all the way to LA from San Jose Airport.

Stinks that it was my 18Th birthday and not the big 21. It was free Happy Hour for the rest of that flight. I don't think they would have checked my ID, but I wasn't taking any chances after hearing "Miss Rucker we know everything about everyone on this flight" NO THANK YOU.
Before arriving at LAX airport I was put through the torture of having everyone sing Happy Birthday to me over the intercom on the flight, was given a barf bag filled with fun goodies that I have saved to this day minus the peanuts those were gone in 2.2 seconds.

If that didn't stop me from flying the recent crash landing in the Hudson sure did. Even though everyone is okay I'm not taking any chances.

I'm not sure how I got onto this tangent today. From Cruise Ships to Flying....
Maybe its time to get my day started?

Stay tuned who knows maybe one day I will go into detail on my wonderful September 14th 2001 flight from H E double hockey sticks.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Bevy said...

Oh - PLEEEEEAAASSEEE do tell about the flight from you know where. That would be a fun story - I'm sure.
Isn't it miraculous - now IF I ever went down into the water in a plane - let it be someplace where they have all those ferry's to pic one up. Very convenient. I guess they'd done TONS of drills on this scenario.
I'll take the train thank you very much - that's what I want to travel on when I have time. :) How about the train or as my hubby and I say the TWAIN! If it's a day trip you don't need a sleeper - and it's really roomy in those cabins -MUCH more than good old airplanes. And they've made sure that the engineers are NOT texting - :)
I think that you can find enuf to keep you occupodo in the great Puget Sound. :)
See ya! these word verifications are funny - adombla is the latest