Monday, February 2, 2009

I Like Trouble!

So I should have seen it coming....
After Bella decided to flip me the bird at only a few weeks old that she and I would be having this conversation.

"Look MOM! I have a bag of baby fish"

I turn around to see what she is talking about. Bella had taken the little bag her chips were in and poured water in it. The fish were the crumbs.

While I thought that it was very inventive and loved how she uses her imagination. We were in the car driving from Everett back home to Puyallup. All I could think about was the mess that was going to be in the backseat and how I just washed her car seat and I was going to be forced to do it again.

The next thing I hear is the sound of her squishing the bag.

"Bella please don't do that to the bag, your going to pop the bag and your going to make a HUGE mess"

"Okay Mom"

Just Moments later I hear it again.

"Bella do it again your going to be in Trouble"

Bella replies with
" I like Trouble! Can I be in Trouble now?"

Both Mr. Montana and I are trying to keep a poker face while we ask her to put down the bag of fish before it gets everywhere. We both were forced to silence our laughs and hide our faces.

Where do kids get this stuff?

I think Miss Bella's new name is Trouble.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Bevy said...

How old is that girl? ;) I have a friend and her nickname is "Here comes Trouble" :) I think of her whenever I see someone with that saying on their t-shirt.
My daughter dropped her bottle in the back seat of the car and said "Oh sit!" - I was trying not to laugh either - but decided that I can't talk like that anymore in front of her.
Thanks for the chuckle Bella - I mean - Trouble!