Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy, but not Forever

Okay I know I have been neglecting BB & B the past few weeks. I feel as though I should be put on restriction or something for not blogging daily. While my mind has been full and well when that happens normally I blog, but with the addition of two other children lets face it.....

I don't have time....

I have been dying to blog about the Nadya Suleman Family since the moment I heard about it. I do have to say that once I heard about them my first reply was WOW.

Now that has changed 110%.

Who am I to say who should or shouldn't have children, or about the amount of Children one should have. I can tell you this now if it were up to me and if my check book could handle it I would have a million children. Lets face it having children is expensive! I have 3 and it isn't easy. If I added even one more to the mix it would kill us and Mr. Montana works his butt off for us and it isn't easy. With the thought of adding 11 more to our little family would break the bank and I would need to be committed.

Okay Okay.... You will need to wait for my Blog about Nadya and her 14 children. My two extra kids will be here any minute and I think a Lego BOMB just went off in Avery's room and I'm starving and I only have a single cup of coffee in me.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

PS I will post later either tonight or first thing tomorrow!

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