Monday, February 9, 2009


Last night while I was laying in bed and for some reason it hit me.

It's Sunday two days ago it was Friday and I forgot to post my Foto Finish Friday.

I'm not sure why it took that long for me to remember. It's not like we did anything on Friday.....

Oh wait that's right we spent the evening with friends of ours who just got a PIG. YES A REAL LIVE PIG!!!!

I guess it doesn't really give me a huge reason not to have posted anything Friday. Since we didn't leave the house until after 4.

Saturday was spent in bed with Miss Chloe who was running a super high temp. I was lucky that she passed out for a good chunk of time at about 2 so I could shower. I was worried that by telling someone that it doesn't look like Chloe is going to be spending her 3rd V-day in the Hospital. Funny how the next day she ended up sick.

She is back to her normal Chloe self so I'm thinking its safe to say that Chloe will be spending her 3rd but 1st V-day at home!!!!!!

Even though Children's makes every "holiday" fun. There is nothing better than being at home and being healthy!!!!

So from now until Feb. 15th I will be placing my child in a bubble and chanting "She will not get sick! She will not get sick" Over and over again.

I think it just might work.... Sorry to all the wonderful nurses and staff at Seattle Children's Hospital while we miss you like mad we will not be making any trips for extended "spa" treatments in 2009.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Bevy said...

So cute - I woke up the other morning and thot it was Sunday - but it was Tuesday - ah - olde age - I HATE that! :) So I feel your pain!
Stay healthy Chloe!!!
A pig - was that a pot-bellied - you could've posted a pic of that and back posted it ... people who looked at your blog on Friday - and then came back on Saturday -would wonder - hummm - I didn't see this before - hey - try it now - just back-date it under the "Post options" to Friday at - oh - let's say - 4:00 a.m. - see if it works - and put the pic of that pig - I wanna see if it's pink or black or a combo of the two. :)