Monday, February 2, 2009

A Long List of Things

that needed to get done today and so far I can only check 3 things off that list of mine.

* Hole Punch all Answer Keys - DONE

* Label all answer key subjects and nicely organize them in folder - They are all placed in the folder but who needs to organize anyway?

*Wash every one's sheets - I'll get to it tomorrow

*Do a few loads of laundry - I'll do it later

*Wash the baby carrier in preparation for tomorrow - DONE

*Clean Kitchen - DONE

*Finish Making Felt board -

*Have the Kids clean their rooms - Wishful Thinking I know!

*Try to get Chloe to nap in her big girl bed! - I'm living in a dream world.

* Blog 3 times in one day so I have a reason for not getting anything finished on my list - DONE

Sweet by finishing this blog I have done 4 things!!!! Man I rock....

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

P.S. OMG I'm starting a new job tomorrow, I'm kinda starting to freak out. At least I'm not being forced to leave the house to work. Don't worry I'm sure I'll blog tomorrow.

1 comment:

Bevy said...

these are interesting labels at the bottom of this entry. :)
Just put Chloe in her old crib and wait. My son and his wife are having the same thing with their son - he's almost 3. :) He's just starting to agree with the big bed change. ;)