Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our World

Sometimes I just don't get the world we live in.

Our health care system SUCKS.

After reading and listening to everything that has been going on with the octuplet mom and everything our family has been through with Chloe. From trying to get Chloe health Care coverage and watching someone being handed some without question is killing me. This woman knew the risks with having more than one child there were health risks. So why does that not count for something?

I'm young our family has ZERO history of health problems nor did we have any idea that Heart Problems would be in our Child's future. So why was Chloe turned down for Medical?

I have decided to write a letter.... The list of who I'm sending it to keeps growing by the minute. Until I get a response back I will be sending it daily to not only our President, but also to Olympia because I'm sorry things need to change and FAST.

At this point I'm not asking for help for us.... But for the health help of other children born to parents and families like ours who had no idea. Families who have worked hard, every day of their adult lives to provide for their families without the aid of government help to maybe get a little help when it comes to babies and children who truly need it.

Until Next Time,
Just the Rant of this MOM


Anonymous said...

You also need to STORM the medical insurance peoples who told you they wouldn't cover her. Are they covering your other children and yourself? That's not right! Pre-existing - crap!!
Olympia can probably help you and I thot that the Feds did a thing where children w/out health care would now be covered.

I would tell you to write your rep in congress and your senators - THEY CAN HELP in a situation like that moreso than the prez - who's not home much. Or his staff.

This is what reps and senators are for - to undertake for you and get you services from the feds.
You could also write the STATE senators and reps in your district about this as this would GARNER you more response than just OLYMPIA.
God bless and I'll be praying for you.
Ya - Octuplet lady is alittle crazy. :(

Kathy said...

Happened across your blog again as I take a moment to breathe during our school vacation week.

Your points are very well made. I am truly confused why your situation causes health insurance problems and others get it with no concerns.

My husband is self-employed and although we CAN buy it and have not been denied, the premium for just our 2 children is over $2000 per month! Thus we are forced to rely on our state health care. At least we have that.

My prayers are with you and your family and especially your beautiful little Chloe.